zondag 24 april 2011

Bikini Party Massacre (2002)

Bikinis, parties....a bloodbath. That's my cup of tea! And this Bikini Party Massacre is some awesome tea. As upposed to Bikini Girls on Ice, this one actually lives up to it's awesome title. YES, this is really a party with bikinis and indeed a massacre. Camping teens, horny and drunk, wild and naked.. ready to be slaughtered. Hell yeah, I'm liking it already.... aren't you? 

It all starts off as you would expect. A group of friends are on their way for a fun weekend in the woods. With a nice little tent in the back of their car, the bikinis already on and some useless dialogue at hand we're all set to let the car run out of gas. How's that possible? It's a horror flick, that's how. It leads the protagonist, who's looking for gas, to a creepy looking place where an old lady coincedentally has some gas to spare. In trade for the gas, she wants to perform a 'reading' on the protagonist. Fine with him, he's down for the freaky stuff.  

One thing leads to another and before you know it you're in someone's dream. And from here on out it starts getting interesting. A nicely shot dream sequence of an empty highway with the sound of a haunting wind blasting through. This particular scene doesn't really lead to anything worthy of mentioning but it has a nice and deranged feel to it. Not long after the first dream we are awarded with another 'vision'. This one is even better as it's genuinly scary. There's this terrifying noise on the background, similar to a bad radio reception. We see her float over a railroad and that's about it. At this point we're past the experimental and surrealistic phase of the movie, let's get to the drinking, fucking and then of course the killing!

And that aspect isn't bad at all. It has some pretty cool kills (flying cam behind the weapon, for example) and it follows the ancient slasher rules such as the you-fuck-you-die rule. It has a nice pace and sticks to it from this point on. The film guides us to a few chainsaw kills and some other dismemberments.You get what you expect for the entire movie. It scores a big OK on every aspect, and I'm fine with that. It's a snack, and I'll keep repeating it: they don't always have to be top notch. Not at all..

This campy slasher feels no shame. Plenty of nudity, kills and just plenty of everything I hoped for. It's not the best of it's kind, and neither is it the worst. I'd recommend it to everyone who enjoys these typical camping trip slashers. I enjoy them in general and with this one; it's not any different! Oh yeah: the ending is pretty damn cool.

Score: 80/100


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