maandag 2 mei 2011

Swamp Shark (2011)

Syfy isn't known for their cutting edge special effects. Neither are the actors worth your while, or the storyline..or the soundtrack. Yet, they always seem to entertain at a high enough level. Mainly because of the crazy ideas (sharktopus and his gang) but they do not always need that. Swamp Shark is one of those movies which lasts without any jizz-your-pants ideas...

Alexandre Aja raised the bar for fishy terror back in 2010 with his adaptation of Piranha which was an absolute blast. It had a big setting, lots of gore and enough humor + chicks to keep it at the top. It's a hot theme for the upcoming summer. First up this year, atleast for me, is Swamp Shark. And although it's nowhere close to the top, it still has plenty to offer. For Syfy standards it's above average.

The cast is pretty cool. No big names but all capable of delivering what is necessary. Sophie Sinise is kinda hot but she doesn't have that edgy attitude to her. Also, there's not really a party like Piranha, instead they choose a stereotypical local festival, best described as boring! Couldn't they come up with anything better than that? Watching an ostrich sleep is more exciting than attending that horrendous Gator fest. Let's just say I know plenty of interesting places for a shark to snatch his diner and this isn't one of them.

All of the 'aawh no big party's' aside, it's not all that bad. It has a great pace and it will not let your eyes slip away for a second. Simply because it's a shark in a swamp!! By the time you realize this is such a fenomena, some fat asian kid has to come in and ruin it by telling us it can actually survive in swamp water bladiebladiebla!! Get out of here, party pooper. Atleast the shark looks like shit, that makes up for a lot. Gotta love bad cgi. 

It's simple and has been done before, yet it remains entertaining. Nothing big, but who'd expect that? I didn't, I mastered logics a while ago. It has a few bloody moments to shake things up a bit, and although it could and should've been more... I can forgive them. Why? It's hard to explain. I was just really digging the vibe of this movie. It doesn't have anything I could ever hate. It's a snack, and snacks don't have to be of the best quality to enjoy them. As long as they ruin your teeth it's all good. Only this time, it's ruining the last bit of 'good taste' you have left. Deal with it.

Eindscore: 74/100


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