vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Call me shallow, but i wouldn't ever demand more than a few boobs and some kills from these type of eighties slashers. A few nipples and a few drips of blood and i'm all good. Does this Slumber Party Massacre delives the goods? Yes it does. Did i expect more of it though? Yes, i'm afraid i did.

Because for some reason, i find this title to be nothing less than briljant. Slumber Party Massacre...think about it! The possibilities seem endless. Nipple shot from the side, from the top, 360 nipple shot. Argh, i'm losing it! Did you see the poster with the gigantic drill? Damn that's awesome. Drill kill shot from the side, from the top, 360 drill kill shot. Argh, there i go again.
But let's start off with the story. I'm doing this for the 3 people on god's green earth who actualy care about the story in an eighties B-slasher film. We follow this teenage girl who's alone for the night and decides to invite some of her friends over for a...*building tension* slumberrr partyyyyy! Whooo, that's a great idea. But they'll have an unwanted visitor to shake things up a bit, one way or another.

It definitely isn't the most delicate storytelling with issues being brought up and left behind like it's nothing. And in all fairness, i didn't care one bit about anyone of them. And that's fine with me, as long as they get naked and end up...well...dead i guess. And that happens, although it's never enough, it happens. So at this point there's no reason for me to complain about anything else going on.
How does it look? Mwha, it looks fine. It has some cool shots but isn't really focussed on that at all. The soundtrack is 'fine' aswell, great eighties vibe (who'd guess that?) but it does't really make it thát much better. What does make it better, is the casting. They look great and the acting is fun enough. And that's what SPM (let's not make me write the entire title over and over again) is all about in the end, pure and simple fun.

And that turns out great if you ask me. The kills should've been spiced up quite a bit (although i really liked the ending). Now it remains bloody but not gory, if that makes any sense. It does make up for it by adding some humor which makes it a fun (there it is again) experience. You shouldn't expect anything special from this one, it's all been done and that's fine as long as you're really into it. And thank god; i am!
There's just one thing i have to bitch about. Or wait, it's no bitching whatsoever, it's a honest complaint. And it's directed to the killer. My god... couldn't they have come up with something better? I don't know...something that's actually threatening, or in any other case funny or disturbing? Right now, it's absolutely nothing. He's worthless, a retarded hippo would out-smart this ugly fail. I'm not being nice right now, i know... but what else could you expect from me to do... did you actualy see this guy?

It's not like the killer is a small aspect of a slasher film. Thank god the rest of the movie has enough eighties allure to keep it all worth your while. It scores a 'great' on the ''awesome-o-meter'' and that's pretty good i guess. I've seen better and i've seen worse, that's all i've left to say.

Score: 83/100


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