dinsdag 10 juli 2012

El Paramo (2011)

Hey there, looking for an action packed horror flick? Try somewhere else. El Paramo, or 'The Squad' (so we can all pronounce it fairly decent) is more of a psychological thriller in which a group of nine pro soldiers of a special anti-guerrilla unit are sent to an abandoned base located over a mountain in the Colombian Andes which has lost contact a few days ago. Why? Supposedly because they were under attack. At the time the commandos arrive, they find only one survivor. And that's where the game begins.

Suspicion, paranoia and treason. The root of all evil is inside the group itself and that's what makes this film stand out. It might seem like a bit of a spoiler but I think it's really important for the viewer to concentrate on the right aspect as soon as possible, in stead of waiting on something that will never come. It is what it is, and it's shockingly suspensefull. The misty hills of Colombia are the perfect place for such an isolated horror flick in which the tensions get so high that you yourself will get desperate and confused. 

The visual style is creepingly dark and unpredictable. Because of the mist it's hard to look any further than a few meters (get used to it Americans) ahead and that adds up to the 'locked up' feeling the soldiers must have. They can't go anywhere and have to deal with their fears and disagreements on the spot. When all structure is lost, who will come out alive in the end? Total anarchy, whooo! 

A must see if you're not a neurotic adrenaline beast, just sit back and get dissolved in this wall of suspense and strong written conversations. It had to be well acted to come across and thankfully they had a great group of unknown yet ambitious guys to form a convincing group of depraving commandos. Two thumbs up for this foreign piece of delicious psychological horror. 

Score: 75/100 


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