vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973)

Suzuki's ''Terrifying Girls' High School'' is obviously exploring the boundaries of the subgenre. As it is my first film by this well known Japanese exploitation director, it's hard to make any comparisson with his other work. Similarities seem to be there quite often. Reiko Ike is a familiar face ever since his first Girl Boss Blues film and Miki Sugimoto returns after her part in Girl Boss Gurerilla. It's hard to keep my expectations low at this point.

But no worries, you'll have plenty of reason to be excited for Lynch Law Classroom, which I'm told is supposedly the second film in the series... Women's Violent Classroom being the first. Yet again placing various tempting theme's in an interesting setting. A high school full of terrifying girls, as the title gave away already. Delinquent girls in a violent game of sex, torture and corruption. It's all I needed to hear, I'm so in!!
A brilliantly chosen enviroment for all the great things to come, this high school has everything it needs to keep you hooked and thrilled for quite a while. Again, these films rarely take a long time to unfold so you will never find the oppurtunity to doze off. There's no stopping Suzuki and his large group of blood and sweat thirsty girls.

It's quite obvious where this is heading from the very first minute. With the cool music playing, the stylish shots and of course some blood draining torture. It's not taking baby steps, but it still knows how to trigger your wtf-muscle plenty of times after this opening sequence. Sure, it might not be all that shocking by modern standards, but the great amount of violence and sex still has its effect one way or another.
Suzuki certainly ends with a bang in this one. Offering the viewer one last amazing display of ultra violence in a huge riot at the gates of the school. This all happens right after the girls trashed most of the building where Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto had a fight of their own, of course with their boops hanging out. Exactly how it should be!

This director definitely convinced me and I'll be looking forward to screening Sex &Fury and of course the entire Girl Boss serie. There's no doubt in my mind that I love the Japanese exploitation, and Terrifying Girls' High School is yet again a perfect example to explain this affection.

Score: 90/100


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