maandag 30 mei 2011

Zombi 3 (1988)

I really can't help it, i'm hooked to these Italian zombi(e) films. This is the 3rd ''Zombi'' movie (Italian title) but the 2nd Zombie Flesh Eaters movie. I might just write something about these titles when i'm done viewing them all. In the end it really isn't that hard but they have some cool stories. Take Zombi 3 for example: directed by Fulci. Or is it...?

Here's the story. Fulci had directed around 70 minutes of film before he had a stroke.  Claudio Fragasso took over the project and approached Bruno Mattei (remember him? Virus!). They eventually used 50 minutes that were shot by Fulci and added another 40 minutes by themselves. It all results in a chaotic plot, but it's still a lot of fun.
 So as you might've expected: there's a zombie plague! We're following a couple of tourists and a handful of militaires that are taking shelter in an abondened hotel. I think it's a great location, simple yet effective vibe and enough possibilities. The scene that really got my attention was the flying head. I know for a fact that Fulci added the head even though it wasn't included in the script. He later remarked that he felt it was one of the cleverest things he had come up with and he even went as far as to say that it was the only moment in Zombi 3 that he was truly proud of. No, Fulci did not like the project and that's a shame.

Because frankly: i think it turned out great. It's nothing to be ashamed off (especialy if your name is Fulci) and although it gets a little chaotic, it's still good old fun. Ican't think of any 'zombi' fan that actually cares for a smart or logic storyline. As long as they get the action! And action is what we get. I've already mentioned the flying head, but how about infected birds and fast zombies? Do you like guys in toxic suits and eighties synthesizers? Then you've come to the right adress.
I'm done pretty quick with this movie. It has the same things going for it as the other movies i've already reviewed. Yet, it's a step back on every aspect. It has great gore, but not like the others. It has a great soundtrack...yet not as good as the others. I've seen some cool zombies, but never as cool as the others. Glorious stuff, but never as good as the other (earlier) eighties trash i've been watching.

Score: 83/100


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