vrijdag 3 juni 2011

Blood Night: Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)

Teenagers, alcohol... party at my place! Ah damn it, it's Blood Night and we just f-ed around with an 'ouija board' on the grave of Mary Hatchet. Is it new? No way. Is it exciting? Yes way. I'd say ''Blood Night'' is one of the best examples to show you what modern day slashers are all about.

Because we all know they don't really make them like they used to. Modern slashers have their own appeal and as long as they use it to their advantage, it's all fine. And director 'Frank Sebatella' understood that perfectly. With an additional make-up department who know what they're doing, it's just a feast!
As I mentioned the story isn't much of a suprise. It's actually pretty traditional. Teenagers, party...you know the drill. You fuck, you die...you know the rules! It sticks by those rules which is awesome but it's a modern slasher in every other way. The atmosphere is extremely dark, it seems like it's always storming and the lightning is kept very subtle. It creates a tense setting, but with a (almost) 'comic relief' that the party brings.

I've already seen this movie once back in 2010, but I felt like watching it again. Something told me that this was one of the bette slashers i've seen in a while, and I was correct. At least one of the best within the last few years. It has this perfectly executed storyline where we meer Mary (it's quick, it's flashy) and then the partying starts with a bunch of horny teens. And just when you thought it would be time to shake things up again, it does. Great timing!
The kills are stunning. Heads being cut horizontally AND vertically, an axe to the throat or a pair of scissors in your eyes. She's slicing and dicing her way through the crowd and with great fashion. It will keep the gorehounds satisfied while remaining a steady dark vibe. It didn't let me down for a sec. With barely 80 minutes on the clock, I was always thrilled and entertained.

It has some nice eye-candy and the genuis Bill Moseley! He'll never play a bad role, i can't explain just why but he has this crazy yet awesome attitude. Danielle Harris is absolutely beautiful and i guessthat Maryam Basir (playing Jen) has a great ass (amazing scene). There's just nothing I can think of to throw dirt at. I'll just throw some more at Zombie Undead.

It's flashy, hip, fast paced, gory, sexy, funny....just a thrilling modern day slasher. Don't forget to pick this one up, I noticed that it's not very populair on imdb with only 593 votes and that's just ridiculous.

Score: 85/100


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