zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Zombi holocaust (1980)

Argh, I hate that I had to grow up in the nineties. They were awful....especialy movie-wise. The only cool stuff from that decade was ''From Dusk till Dawn'', some Steven Seagal movies and Wesley Snipes was a badass in ''Blade''. Now I'm years behind on watching all the cool stuff that came out during the seventies and eighties. It's fun, but it's impossible to watch every movie that seems interesting to me (too many I tell ya). Last night I payed Carpenter a visit in the fog. But today's a new day, and I need some cheap zombies!

So that's kinda why I wanted to see Zombi Holocaust. A undeniable cult classic, so that's appealing. But should I call it ''Zombi(e) Holocaust''? Or should I call it ''Dr. Butcher M.D.''? Or do you prefer ''Island of the Last Zombies''? Yes, it's another Italian movie which came with 50 awesome titles, let's make it confusing.
Did you see ''Dr. Butcher'' last night? No i haven't, i watched ''Island of the Last Zombies''. I'm just saying... As opposed to ''Virus'' and ''Burial Ground'', this one actualy has a pretty fun plot. It all starts with the mysterious dissapearance of body parts in a New York hospital. It doesn't take too long to catch the guy who's behind all of this. He's confused and eating someone's...hart. So gore-fans, eat you heart out *sigh*.

They discover a strange pattern with several other accidents across the land which leads them to a tribe somewhere in the Moluks. They decide to go there and unravel this mystery once and for all! IT doesn't take too long before their fan catches some shit and that's where the real fun starts.

Time for a fun fact: Zombi Holocaust is actualy filmed on the same sets as Fulci's (MASTERPIECE!) ''Zombi 2''. And most of the music was actualy from ''Emanuelle e gli Ultimi Cannibali'' which was made in 1977. I guess the word ''original'' will never find it's way to this film. But in the end, I couldn't care too much. It's not about what you use to get there, just as long as you get there. And he got there! Does anyone actualy get what I mean?
Suprisingly enough it's not even that big of a zombie movie. It's more of a cannibal flick than anything else. I guess ''Cannibal Holocaust'' was taken (no kidding) so they added a few zombies. In the end it makes up for quite some interesting gore. We start off at the hospital with a few autopsy's, then we meet the cannibals with their hunger for flesh and later on we see some (Burial Ground - like) zombies. I'm just not sure if this could qualify for a zombie movie,

But it remains fun. It's a great film with some graphic scenes and additional nudity. I like the enviroments (I loved zombi 2 so it makes sense) and I'm digging the entire vibe. It's nowhere as much fun as the earlier mentioned films but it remains worth your while. I still haven't found a single bad Italian zombie movie, and I hope i never will!

Score: 88/100


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