zondag 26 juni 2011

Demoni (1985)

No Argento this time? Nope, it's Lamberto Bava's turn! Another Italian director...so that must be good, right? Yeah, it must be. And yeah, it is! I could already wrap it up at this point but Demoni (1) deserves a few lines with positive words. Which you'll find if you click belowwww.

Argento was a producer for this flick, but it's not something you'll see him do as a director I guess. It's the good old splatter nonsense. And boy did I enjoy this. It was pretty much a suprise. Sure, I expected it to be really cool but it goes beyond ''really cool'' quite often. Sword kills on a motorcycle in a theatre...well that's badass.
And badass is the keyword for Bava's Demoni. There's no better way to describe this demon onslaught. It has a straight forward storyline which fits the bill perfectly. Some people have been (randomly) invited to see a new film in a new theatre. Believe it or not...it all goes down the shitter. One of the female visitors plays around with, what seems to be, a prop from the film and cuts herself. She changes into a demon just like in the film.

It's extremely basic and that's part of the charm. A bunch of (young) people trapped in a theatre with killer demons....that's not my typical night out if I'm completely honest. The first glimpses of the special effects are promising. Slimy wounds and demonic hands, veiny faces and sharp teeth... it's a recepy for succes. You'll come across plenty of original kills, that's for sure.
It's the main selling point and there hasn't been put much effort into anything else. And that's nothing to worry about. It's mindless splatter fun, ment to be straight forward and wildly entertaining. It doesn't really connect with the modern audience, maybe back in the days the teens-in-trouble were a bit more popular or maybe I'm just whining.

A must see for all you eighties fans out there. If you're looking for some gory fun, you'll find it here. Another well-known-Italian-cult-classic that wins all of my enthousiasm. Let's see if I have any other Bava flicks to watch, he sure knows what a horrorfan like me wants.

Score: 89/100


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