woensdag 13 juli 2011

House by the Cemetery (1981)

I just had to watch another Fulci flick to quench my thirst. Next on my list was ''Quella Villa Accanto al Cimitero'' since I don't own ''The Beyond'' on dvd yet. This time he brings the traditional haunted house setting with a fare share of blood. Offering various memorable scenes and plenty of intense situations. But does it belong at the top, or is it inferior to the big dogs?

It starts off rather interesting with a somewhat creepy picture which appears to be slightly different when being stared at by the kid. A kid who's face is pretty much the biggest flaw in this film. But I'll be sure to share my thoughts on his face later on in this review.
I can't say I'm suprised by the strenghts this film carries. It's what I came to expect after multiple masterpieces by Fulci. It's a nicely paced and well shot film with a unforgettable soundtrack and a couple of interesting and original scenes. The one with the bat for instance, f-ing classic right there.

The storyline is of course fairly easy and, if you ask me, rather insignificant. It's a classic 'family-moves-to-a-new-house' set up with all of the disasters yet to come. In this case it's the presumably dead Dr. Freidstein who's paying them a visit. It sounds really basic, but the result is what counts. And the result is finger lickin' good, no doubt.
Now, about the kid. His disturbing big lips and mindless stare are only part of the problem. He's the biggest mood killer around. Kids aren't as dumb as Fulci thinks, which makes it quite annoying to watch. The irritating high (dubbed) voice is carved into my memory and it will cause me to wake up screaming for the next few weeks. Hopefuly not as high-pitched as the kid screams, which was often hilarious.

It doesn't live up to the high potential which was there all along. Some aspects are often interfering with the brilliantly created vibe which makes it close to dissapointing on this part. Yet Fulci has plenty to offer to let such a thing slide. The gore, again, is stunning. Providing that extra edge which is often needed to make this house by the cemetery deliver on the fun-part. And yes, it's a lot of fun!

Score: 85/100


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