zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Fighting Owl Films

Fighting Owl Films... i have to say i'd never heard of this group untill i somehow stumbled across this fun looking short film ''The Night Shift''. With the upcoming feature film (big news on the homepage), i just had to see it. But there's more to look into, so read on!

As i said, the most exciting news is the upcoming feature length film which follows the line of the short film. There are five other projects to be found on their site and i must say, i can see why they choose Night Shift. It's been recieved well, has a fun story, a really friendly feel to it and enough room for comic relief.

I'd say it's a must see. It will get you excited for the feature. You can find the short in the 'film' section on their website (check the bottom) or click on this Dailymotion link.

Camp Hill is the oldest short. And if i'm honest... i'd say that explains a lot. It's nice to see how far they've come ever since this 'Camp Hill' project. They used some computer effects for stuff you could easily do without. But still, it kept me entertained in a wrong way. Dailymotion link

Twitter: NightShiftMovie 


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