zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Black Shampoo (1976)

A badass hairdresser or just a male slut? Who cares. John Daniels is f-ing cool in this slick love story. Thankfully there's more to it. The best thing that could ever happen to a love story is to be interrupted by crooks and finish it off with sweet...sweet revenge. Does Greydon Clark know how to keep you satisfied, or is John Daniels the only one who's getting some?

The blaxploitation wave sure has brought upon some strange titles, films such as blacula or black godfather. They don't leave much to the imagination. Neither does this Black Shampoo. Shampoo? Yes...Shampoo! And trust me: he'll shampoo the living shit out of you. He's the owner of a barbershop and a true womanizer. While the gay guys do the washing and the cutting, he's doing the pounding and the sweating.
It's what a good boss would do. I believe. And who could blame him? The ladies throw themselves at him, at some point I even thought some of them were underaged. But let's assume they weren't. Like most pimping movie heroes from the seventies, this guy seems to play it cool untill he meets the woman of his dreams. Of course this leads him into a web of crime.

It's quite relaxing untill the very end. The last 10 minutes are filled with action and it's actualy pretty hardcore. It will involve some nifty tools such as a chainsaw, an axe or a simple cue. That's all you need to know. Another fine aspect of this film is the soundtrack. Really smooth like you'd come to expect. I'll post a YT video below for all of you to listen to.
It doesn't look so special, nor does the acting really convince.. but the characters are interesting enough to cover things up. Tanya Boyd plays it fairly nicely next to Daniels, who never really made it after this film. It's no suprise to be honest, there were plenty of other actors with more on-screen charm. Still, Black Shampoo can proudly present itself as a fun and exciting flick.

There's plenty of eye candy, an awesome chase scene at the end and it all comes down to one bloody fight. There's no reason to avoid this. I had a great time and I might just check out some other films by Greydon Clark.

Score: 83/100


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