zondag 25 september 2011

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

Bad movie nights. We've all been there and they are usually a lot of fun, but this was one of those times where it wasn't my own pick, so I was forced to face the one thing I've feared ever since I first layed my eyes on it. With just a few beers down my throat I sat down to confront my iris with the glorious hollywood zombie/infected flick: Quarantine 2: Terminal.

Of course the last sentence reeks of sarcasm. There's nothing glorious to be found here. I've seen [REC] and avoided Quarantine like the plague. Therefor I thought I would never get anywhere near the second hollywood adaptation of a pretty cool Spanish horror flick. Boy was I wrong. But hey, what else are friends for?

 Stricktly speaking this isn't a remake of the second [REC] film whereas the first Quarantine definitely was a direct copy. All of that aside, I still can't decide whether or not it would be worse to copy the original follow up or just use the name for benefit. If this is the only way you think you'll get attention for your project, then all my hope just washes away quite rapidly.

But let's get on with it. What's happening this time? Well, it's the same old shit thrown together by a rather incompetent director with the despicable urge to make money, not art. You've got your infected, a recycled setting (yes, planes are getting old already) and a bunch of idiots. What's next? The killing. And that's where the fun is supposed to start, and quite frankly... I wasn't really expecting anything big on this part either.

And it's not anything big, to be honest. There's some freaky needle shit going on and, well... you can take a nap whenever you want. Pretty good qualities if your judging Polish motels, but it's what you'd call an ''epic fail'' when it comes to zombie flicks. At this point I haven't even mentioned the worst part about this flick; the cast and their roles.
First there is Mercedes Masöhn, a hot looking chick with Swedish roots (which explains a lot). Nothing wrong so far. But then there's the stereotypical jerk, the smooth jerk, the I've-got-a-3-year-old-daughter jerk and a fat jerk and the Justin-Bieber jerk. I shit you not, there's a 100% look-a-like running around doing the most idiotic things. When a 14 year old hairdryer bitch is the ultimate hero, you know you did something horribly wrong.

I might not seem too fair on John Pogue's debute work, but it really bothered me how sloppy he handled the materials and the lack of 'balls' he showed (figure of speech) was a big turn off for me. It's 2011 and I've come to see quite some disturbigly gruesome and realistic gore... which could, and if you ask me should be a factor in these sort of films. There's no use in leaving it to the imagination when there's nothing else to make up for it. There's no dark atmosphere, no tension whatsoever and then there's the ending.... *sigh*

Score: 20/100


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