dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Halloween month special #1

 During this month of ghoulish delight I will be couting down several top 10's. Each week I will choose one (sub)genre and decide which titles are top of the bill. This first special is all about slashers. A subgenre that had it's finest moments in the seventies and eighties, but we should not forget all of the cool modern day titles. Curious as to what I think are some of the greatest slashers since the year 2000? Read on..

#10 Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey)

First up is Fritt Vilt, also known as Cold Prey. This Norwegian slasher might not surprise everyone, but it sure deserves a spot at the bottom of this list. With one of the coolest settings I've seen recently and a rather depressing and grim atmosphere, this slasher doesn't need blood and guts to impress.

#9 Gutterballs
We dive head first into obscurity with this remarkably gory slasher by Ryan Nicholson, a somewhat unordinary director. The 'fuck-count' is incredibly high in this brainless gorefest taking place in a bowling alley. Quite some nasty scenes and one of them actually crosses the line of horror-decency. Picture that.. 

#8 Blood Night: Legend of Mary Hatchet

There's not a whole lot to complain about with Mary Hatchet. It's a stereotypical slasher but with the necessary 'rough edges'. It's incredibly dark and gruesome, yet extremely entertaining with a cool cast containing names such as Danielle Harris (horror vixen pur sang) and of course the amazing Bill Moseley! What's not to like?

#7 Halloween

This one is definitely a 'love it or hate it' case. It needed a second chance before I really appreciated what Zombie did to Myers. It has all of the extraordinary features you'd come to expect from the master behind the brilliant 'House of 1000 Corpses'. Though, you might want to forget about the original before stepping into this addition to the serie. 

#6 Sweatshop

I've really come to like this flick a lot. At first I wasn't really into the whole gothic-rave theme and the build up didn't brint anything new to the table, but the highlights are some of the brightest you'll come across nowadays. The killers' weapon of choice is presumably one of the coolest in film history. The gory sfx combined with the energetic music and alternative victims surely make this into a must watch.

#5 Zibahkhana (Hell's Ground)
Hell's Ground (original Pakistan title: Zibahkhana) is a mixture of genres. There's some zombie-action, but the main focus is definitely on the slasher part. As the poster already proclaims: it's as if TCM meets DotD. Definitely not anywhere near those two classics; but it sure is one of the most surprising flicks of the last couple of years. 

#4 Orphan Killer

With each step we take on this list; the films tend to get more extreme. The Orphan Killer is definitely in line of those expectations. A raw and well-shot flick, bringing forth a brand new iconic killer and some tasty kills. There's really nothing to bitch about when you're a fan of underground horror. If you're looking for something new and exciting, then the orphan killer is your guy. 

#3 Chromeskull

Anyone who has seen this sequel to 'Laid to Rest' will agree to one thing: it's as extreme as they get. Chromeskull has been getting quite the popular dude in horrorland and his way of taking matters into his own hands are sloppy enough to make it into the top3 of this list. Is there anything that can top this gorefest? 

#2 Hatchet

Hatchet didn't make it this far because it has more impressive kills nor does it have the same dark style as the previous flicks. It's the only slasher in this list that combines horror with comedy (Hell's Ground has some as well, but in a slightly different way). Why is it on the #2 spot? Because it's a perfect mixture. Adam Green is one of the most promising directors and with the amazing second part and upcoming third chapter it's a trilogy that will stand out amongst the modern slashers.

#1 Wai Dor Lei Ah Yut Ho (Dream Home)

The best slasher of the last +- 21 years has to be Dream Home by Ho-Cheung Pang. This Hongkong slasher is by far the most stylish, impressive and original title in this list. It will surprise the living shit out of you. The performances are top notch and the gore is outstanding. Also, this is the only one that has a somewhat realistic feel to it. It simply offers a complete package for the more experienced viewer. A+++ 

Stick around for more lists. Next week: Top 10 modern exploitation.


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