dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Halloween month special #2

Last week I discussed ten of the best modern day slashers. And as promised, this week it's time for a special group; movies that still rely on the basic formulas and/or pay tribute to the seventies/eighties horror ( + grindhouse scene in general). Have a look!

Note: I loved the Grindhouse films by Tarantino and Rodriguez. Also, Jason Eisener's ''Hobo with a Shotgun'' is brilliant and 'Black Dynamite' is a great parody. They didn't go unnoticed and are mentioned in tons of lists already. Most of the titles in this countdown are not the usual suspects. Now, without further ado: here's my top 10 of films that 'keep it old school'

#10 Run! Bitch Run!
In Joseph Guzmans film debute we meet some catholic chicks, witness them being raped and finaly we can all enjoy the sweet revenge. It's a successful throwback to the seventies rape & revenge. There's a bit of this and a bit of that, the influences are very broad. This one will strip you down...and you'll like it!

#9 Nude Nuns with Big Guns
Another film by Joseph Guzman? Heck yeah! It's a step forward on every aspect. The idea is wild and generally speaking it's properly excecuted. It's a pleasure to watch a clash between nuns and bikers. Guzman is here to fulfill all your exploitation needs. It's not pushing any limits. Surprising enough it remains within lines, turning it into a more than decent addition to the modern grindhouse list. 

#8 Hora
More rape? Well....yes. And there might be a few more of them further down the list. Apparently it's a hot theme and I can see why. Hora can be seen as an unofficial remake of ''I Spit on Your Grave''. It offers a better and more authentic experience than the official remake, who would've thought that? *cough*. It's a cheap and straight forward in-your-face project and it tastes sweet! 

#7  Werewolf in a Women's Prison
The title is priceless and so is the end result. The only thing Jeff Leroy might be known for is... not much. That might be a bit to harsh but at the very least it's not a positive reputation. Psychon Invaders and Rat Scratch Fever sure appeal to me but adding a werewolf to the traditional women-in-prison genre is nothing less than genius. An awfuly cheap mixture of genres delivering tons of fun. How? With lots of gore and plenty of girl on girl action. This soft erotic werewolf film knows how to impress a man. 

#6 Black Devil Doll
The offensive black puppet from ''Black Devil Doll'' has build up quite a reputation already. Still, I had to add it to my list. It has a disgusting and 'childish' edge to it which makes it completely different from other over the top throwbacks. It combines the basics of a parody with some scarred boobs and tons of fecies. A cheap delight. 

#5 Nun of That
Richard Griffin immediately impressed me with this modern nunsploitation. His politically incorrect sense of humor catches on like herpes and maintains a high form of originality and general 'crazyness'. It's the cheese amongst the cheese, now make way for Jesus Christ to sing! Song <<<

#4 No Morire Sola
More rape? Uhu. It's by far the best rape and revenge flick made within the last +- 20 years. Adrián García Bogliano is a rather experienced director from Argentina. He recently impressed the critics on an international scale with his 'Cold Sweat'. Still, I might like this one a bit more. It has an extremely dirty vibe and the visual style is pretty original. Great setting, in your face rape and some sweet (long postponed) revenge. 

 #3 The Taint
The Taint is breaking boundaries while sticking to the ancient pulp recepy: combining the nasty with the crazy. Destroying dicks, heads, legs and braincells while listening to a fantastic 80's-style soundtrack by Drew Bolduc, who's also the director! It's impressive on many levels and I prefer this over any other old school splatter fest.

#2 Amer
It might feel as if Amer doesn't belong in a list with such crazy titles... but it does. Actually, this is the perfect example of how it's supposed to be. It has the soundtrack compiled of pieces from old Italian crime flicks, the style is inspired by the one and only Argento yet it remains one of a kind. Something old and something new, a perfect combination.

#1 House of the Devil
Can't say this is a big surprise. Ti West is on top of the horror genre. Why? Because he knows what's the most important part of suspense: a decent build up. 'Decent' sounds relatively down to earth but I'm most definitely wildly enthusiastic about his traditional sense of suspense. In this throwback to the 80's, Ti West makes sure the babysitter is right in line with the fan...waiting for the shit to hit it! It's insane!  

Stick around for more specials. Next week: Top 10 horror shorts


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