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Leprechaun (1993)

 Where´s me gold?!? Said the Irish leprechaun with his tiny legs and buckled Shoes. Said the leprechaun with his funny hat and disturbingly large cheeks. Again, where’s me gold?!? Said the greedy midget in the leprechaun suit. It’s a funny thought, to force a little man into such a pathetic suit and make him say tons of nitty one-liners pointed at Jennifer Aniston in her younger years. It’s one of those ‘what were they thinking’-pieces of delicious garbage cinema, which only the 90’s can be hold responsible for.

Mark Jones, the guy who directed the (decent) doll-horror flick ‘Triloquist’ back in 2008, had his debute with ‘Jennifer Aniston’. But first we meet the leprechaun, who’s playing around with his cute little pot of gold, of course at the end of a rainbow, because that’s what they do in real life. Not much later the gold is stolen by the greedy ‘Dan O’Grady’ (What’s almost in the name…huh?) and this is where the shit starts to pour down. 
The Leprechaun tries to steal his gold back but ends up in a giant wooden box, protected by a clover. Much like reality has tought us, it really is the only way to keep them quite Anyhow, like 10 years later the young and fresh Aniston makes her appereance as the spoiled chick ending up in New Mexico, or North Dakota, or Not-LA…whatever. She hates the place and decides to leave untill she stumbles upon the typical long-haired muscle-guy who’s painting the place.

The story unfolds like every other horrorflick from the nineties. And that’s just what I loved so much about it. I’m a HUGE fan of these silly creature feature films. Critters, Tremors, Troll, Ghoulies… and yes, Leprechaun is one of them as well. I can’t wait to see the sequals where they visit space, or the hood. It just makes so much sense.

For a horror/comedy It’s pretty much in line with what you’d come to expect. It’s not really thát funny nor does it really feel like they’ve put a lot of effort into creating a decent setting. Though, it all works out quite well in the end. The kills turn out to be rather decent, like the one on the pogostick. It’s just allround sillyness. Much like the different vehicles he builds, and his fascination for cleaning dirty Shoes, It’s all in favor of the cheesy vibe.
There’s not much else to discuss on that part, so allow me to move on to the characters. They are all blank, though I’m not immediately saying it’s a bad thing. Aniston is f-ing hot and Ozzie + Alex aren’t as annoying as you might expect them to be when you first meet them. It all turns out fine, so I still can’t help but wonder why people always bitch about these sort of films.

Where they actually expecting something else? It’s hard for me to understand how that’s even possible. It all seems way to obvious, even before you start the dvd! Just look at the damn title, cover and perhaps the plot. It’s silly, it’s stupid and it’s…it’s.. a god damn leprechaun. And yes, I like leprechauns, so I’ll reward them like a leprechaun-enthousiast would.

Score: 85/100


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