zondag 25 december 2011

Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988)

I don't hate sequels. Why would I? Sometimes they turn out pretty cool and other times they don't. Return of the Living Dead was a wild and fun zomcom with plenty of charming characters and cheesy effects (with a certain amount of quality!) to earn the 'classic' label. Part II on the other hand...not so much. 

Writer & director 'Ken Wiederhorn' hasn't changed much about the formula, but the thins he díd add are a major dissapointment. The first flaw is immediately introduced, the 13 year old 'Jesse Wilson' (played by Michael Kenworthy, -The Blob) gets into an arguement with his bullies and they end up discovering one of the barrels -which you might remember from the first one-. Mr. Braaaaaiiiinnnns makes a quick comeback and an army of undead rises along side him. 

Kids never seem to 'feel' in place when it comes to horror flicks. They just don't act the way a normal child would (obviously it's written by an adult) and I can't figure out why exactly they even have a child as one of the main characters. It's not cool or cool so it ends up being a pain in the ass. Not just my ass, but everyone's ass. 

One of the cooler aspects may also be seen as 'lazy'. I'm talking about some of the returning gags. I found them quite amusing, maybe because this film reminded me of how cool the first one really is. Another thing I found worthy of mentioning is the fact that they, except for rookie mistakes such as the kid, stick to the formula rather nicely. It's still a film full of pop culture references and the gore effects remain incredibly entertaining. 

The ''zombie intellegence'' still works in this setting. Everything can happen in this series and running and/or talking zombies are not a bad thing at all. After all I can't say I hate ROTLDII and I sure as hell don't like it as much as the first. It's a mixed bag of wrongs and rights, thank god the good parts are still really (!) good and they will be able to drag you through the rest.

Score: 72/100


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