zondag 29 januari 2012

Rogue River (2012)

It´s been a week since I saw ´Rogue River´, a debute film by Jourdan McClure. The reason why I waited so long to write a review is because I had a lot of mixed feelings. I wasn´t expecting a film with such great detail, instead I was suited up for more of a wild genre flick with a crazy Moseley and horrible mutilations to overthrow the protagonist. Let’s forget that, it’s not really what Rogue River is about.

There’s a big chance that Rogue River will go by unnoticed for the lazy genre fans. Why? Well first of all it felt as if it wasn´t really aiming for a specific audience, but instead you end up with more of a ´personal´ project. Which I definitely liked and I will praise every director who does so. Again, that´s just the way it made me feel and I understand how this might not translate to everyone.

A major highlight is the unknown ´Michelle Page´. Truly a wonderful performance on her part, she´s the perfect fit for victim roles such as these. A true scream queen with a great pressence and the ability to translate fear on screen. Though, my mind was all set up to enjoy Bill Moseley. And I did! He was perfect. It wasn´t too crazy, nor too down to earth. He was just spot on when it came to portraing a eeryday looking psychopath.

The best part about writing a review is that you´ll actually start thinking about all of the different situations, perfomances, shots and the soundtrack. It will complete the ideas you had after a normal screening, and by that I mean without taking silly notes (who does that…?). The mixed feelings I had are slowly dissapearing and I’m starting to convine myself that I really liked it for the most part.

There’s just one aspect that has been bothering me, and it still is. It felt as if the comic relief wasn’t convincing enough to make it all feel ‘plausible’, I guess. It’s not a must, but a mixture of both the serious and the non-serious would’ve been welcome. It didn’t reach me so it’s a missed opportunity on that part. Though, I have to point out that the (funny, disturbing) old couple play a major part in my positive state of mind.

That’s really all there’s to it. It has a great pace, McClure is a skilled director and the cast is beyond enjoyable. It might be hit or miss for most viewers, but I’d still recommend it. Too bad I thought it could’ve been more than it is right now. Anyhow, looking for a convincing cat & mouse game? Then you’ll find yourself enjoying Rogue River.

Score: 75/100 


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