zaterdag 14 april 2012

Bad Ass (2012)

Danny Trejo, Ron Perlman...and a story about someone they like to call: Epic Beard Man. That's pulp all right, so I'll gladly take a look at this new low budget action flick called ''Bad Ass''. Let's hope it has a reason for calling itself that. From director Craig Moss, the doubtful mastermind behind parody flicks such as 'Breaking Wind' and the ever so clever '41-year-old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad about it'. Sigh.

It's a pretty interesting idea to take an internet sensation and build an action flick around it. Epic Beard Man was an instant hit on the world wide web. It involved a tormented old caucasian male, arguing with a (somewhere around) 20 year old black male. The surprising factor was the ingredient for success in this video, as the world witnessed the old guy beating up the continuously annoying youngster. Craig Moss must've liked it as well, yet he felt like changing it up a bit. The old guy is a Mexican and the black guy is/are now two skinheads. Dafuq Craig...dafuq? 

He becomes a local hero and ultimately gets involved in some bad bussiness after his only friend (besides his dog) got shot by two 'gangsters'. From this point on a relatively basic action flick evolves with all its strengths and weaknesses. Mostly the second. Why? Because Trejo is obviously not comfortable with the roll and Ron Perlman doesn't really get enough space to do his thing. Also, the action can become pretty repetative after a while. 

The conclusion isn't all that special and might be way too cheesy for most of the viewers. There's not a lot of satisfaction to be found in this middle of the road crap-fest, trying to lift on the recent sucess of the cast and of course the idea behind a trending video as a full feature flick. Too bad Craig Moss isn't capable of pulling something like this off. Or anything else for that matter.

Score: 55/100


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