dinsdag 26 april 2011

House of the Devil (2009)

House of the Devil is probably the best (pure) horror movie made in the last two decades. Why? Because it's clearly an all-out-eighties movie. Tight jeans, casette players, staying in a big creepy house as a nanny... hold in your jizz for now, it gets even beter if you read on.

The seventies and eighties will always remain special. They still influence the modern day movies. We see the classics being raped in the ass, we see fake (Planet Terror) but also true exploitation revivals (Ticked-off trannies with knives!) and so on. They're all based on that particular era. I'm a big modern movie lover myself. Grew up in the nineties (which had one great movie: From dusk till dawn) but was clearly born with a great taste (please notice the sarcams, i don't wanna look like a jerk). I rented Evil Dead, saw The Thing and countless of other classics on pure instinct. I must have been the coolest 10 year old alive, whoooo! All of the remakes and revivals aside, Ti West is special! He knows exactly what makes a sincere movie that reminds us of the (real, not gimmicky) eighties. It isn't all that complicated, you just grab your 16mm film, some awefully colored clothes, a down to earth looking chick and you're good to go.

'House of the Devil' follows Samantha, a nice looking chick (not like a typical modern movie babe), she's a broke student looking for a place to stay. She decides to respond to a request for a nanny job. It seems harmless, pretty straight forward... but as we all know, it never is. I guess that's the entire basis in a nutshell. It's very traditional in every meaning of the word, yet remains full of suprises. And that's where Ti West stole my heart (damn, that didn't come out the way i wanted it to). The entire movie is suspenseful like no other. It's not action-packed and yet it keeps your attention....like no other! It's just like no other!! But the most worthy aspect is the fact that it is a very PATIENT film. Written in capitals on purpose. I have no caps lock issues whatsoever. 

I hate it when people say that ''back in the days, everything was better''. But 'House of the Devil' might just confirm that...blegh. It was a real suprise the first time i saw it. Hooked to the screen, biting my fingers untill it was hurting and i didn't scratch my b-hole for the entire movie. But the biggest suprise was that it was suprising when i saw the movie for second time. I think we're spoiled with tons of great action-packed movies nowadays and we don't appreciate the tiniest of gestures anymore. Ti decided to save almost everything for the end and just throw us a bone every once in a while. And i'd be lying if i said that it doesn't feel rewarding. Hell, it's the most rewarding shit i've seen in a while. It's risky for a director to work at this level, it will lose tons of potential viewers but it remains true to the real horror fans. Ti West choose art over fame, thanks for that! 
It's dark, tense, traditional... it is everything a genuine horrormovie needs/wants to be. He approaches the eighties like he is living it. With it's long lasting dreamy shots and overall briljant cinematography, it's a feast for the eyes. The soundtrack is subtle and spot on. It creates a terrifying vibe on a high audiovisual level. Taking some time to create a believable atmosphere has no downsides. The people who don't appreciate a flawless excecuted build up aren't to bright in the head, i must say. Probably didn't offend anyone over the age of 16 with that one, hihi.

I'm not done talking about the ending. We get reaquainted with the eccentric family (to put it nicely) and the viewer (as well as the protagonist) is suddenly dropped in the midst of this demonic ritual. Serious creepy stuff! It makes the nice and calm cinematography dissapear almost completely, making room for some better fitting panicky and almost disorientating stuff. If you have any patience (rare gift) then this is a must watch. If you're a fan of the eighties, it's a must watch. If you have any taste at all, it's a must watch. So concluding: it's a must watch. Ok, you may release the jizz.

Score: 98/100


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