maandag 25 april 2011

Short film = Short review: Pig

I'm diving head first into the most obscure shit with this one. Pig is one hell of a dark movie, that's for sure. Crazy and haunting black/white cinematography. A very experimental movie by Nico B and Rozz Williams (who died shortly after making this short). I guess the style reminded me of Lynch (especialy Eraserhead) so that's a damn good thing.

It's a intense and mostyle surrealistic experience. It feels like a nightmare, so if that's what you're looking for then go for it! Personaly i love these kind of movies. Pig has an amazing sound design and many twisted shots to offer. The dreamy editing and the silent approach has a great effect on the viewer. Not your typical sunday afternoon movie. But there's a bad spot to be found, although it's really personal. I didn't think the graphic horror (the gore) was neccesary. The first half is a tiny bit better because of the absence of these gory moments. The second half is just as uncomfortable as the first but in a different way.

The death of Rozz Williams gives it an extra scary feel, the mind behind this experiment didn't seem to be so happy and that shows on screen. This controversial movie, mostly thanks to its sexual and sadistic content, does a great job in making you feel like you're in a nightmare and therefore it's worth a watch. I'm impressed, are you? Can be found on youtube!

Score: 94/100


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