dinsdag 26 april 2011

Top 10 WTF-moments in horror

The title says it all. My personal top 10 when it comes to WTF-moments. I know everyone has had these moments atleast a few times. Even the most experienced filmfans can still be catched by suprise. With some movies you see it coming, yet they still blow you away. Might containt spoilers

#10: Noroi
Noroi is a Japanese horror movie, shot as a documentary about a paranormal investigation. It's creepy as fuck but not really a WTF movie. Yet, it has this one particular moment where we find ourselves in a forrest, looking for god knows what, when suddenly we see a big pile of embryo's with this stereotypical ghost behind it. That's just...weird.
#9: Hausu
Hausu...is...amazing! There's to much to choose from, but this scene beats a flying head biting someone in the ass. It's this crappy looking shot of random flying bodyparts, it just makes me wonder what they were thinking. Why is it even in there? wtf..
#8: The Human Centipede
Tom Six is a Dutch (yeah!!) director who became fairly popular after he released this big pile of WTF-ness. It's probably one of my favorite movies and an absolute cult hit. Here we see a scene with the centipede (not to be confused with SP's Centipad...). But watching them attached to eachothers buttholes isn't worth the #8 spot. How do i put this... let's say he's walking his dog. And everything a dog eats...has to come out. This is one shitty WTF-moment!
#7: Street Trash
Yet again one of my favorite movies. One of the coolest cult classics i've seen. The first scene really caught me off guard. We see this hobo taking a shit on the toilet after drinking this unknown liquor. I was ready for every possible thing to happen, or I thought I was. What i didn't expect was for the person to melt into litres of colorful paint. They clearly had no idea what the human body is made off. It's not paint i tell you...it's not paint!!
#6: Evil Dead II  
I have to go back in time for this one. I think i was 12 years old when i first rented Evil Dead II. It had this giant skull on the cover and like every normal 12 year old boy...i was sold! I watched it 3 times on the same day, even in clear daylight i shat myself countlessly. It wasn't untill many years later that i discovered that this was actualy more of a comedy. Still, it stands out with it's special effects and fucked up feeling. It's crazy cinema at it's best. And the 'i'll swallow your soul'' scene is a classic. I love it, and this shot is definitely WTF-worthy. That will never change for me.
#5: Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl
I've seen every single new-wave-japanese-exploitation movie out there. And i loved every single one of them. They've had countless wtf-moments but i wouldn't want a top10 full of Robo Geisha's, Machine Girls and Giant zombie samurais. I choose this scene from Vamp vs Frank. Just because it's way funny, just look at it. Not just at the mutilated body (way to go!) but at everything that's going on.
#4: Eraserhead
Lynch has never made a better movie than Eraserhead. It has everything, it's dark, intens, creepy, weird, and so on. I was biting my nails like crazy and my hands were all sweaty. With my eyes wide open, i watched this freakish baby burst open. Suffering, screaming... it's an incredible climax. When it was finally done, i had just one thing to say.... What, the, fuck!
#3: House of 1000 Corpses
It's been a while since i've seen Rob Zombie's HO1C but i remember it like it was yesterday. Especialy this particular scene. I've seen some freaky shit happen to victims of crime, but this modifiation is bloody briljant. I guess Kyle's dad was inspired by this, half dolphin half human! Awesome, but definitely not normal.

#2: Cannibal Holocaust
There aren't many movies that can make the viewer feel this uneasy. It has plenty of horrific effects that fit in it's disgusting concept. These kind of movies won't show up nowadays, and for a reason. It's one of the best movies ever, but also one of the sickest that knows no boundaries. I didn't want to pick any of the animal abuse scenes, but this one isn't any less terrifying. How'd they do that...wtf.
#1: Tokyo Gore Police
Suprise suprise. If you've seen TGP you could've seen it coming. Nishimura doesn't think as a regular director, he's far beyond every gore-director out there across the globe. He has the ideas, but also the talent to execute those ideas. He takes a shot at eveything crazy that comes to mind, and he nails it! I've watched it multiple times and it doesn't get old at all. But what's the craziest scene in TGP? A human chair. I don't think it needs any explanation.


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