maandag 23 mei 2011


*KUCH* yes, you there! I need a little of your time for the following. Well, i don't need it, but some other more important people do. As i've mentioned before, i'm a big fan of independent filmmaking. I truly love watching the original projects they come up with nowadays, it's inspiring but mostly a lot of fun. This time i won't bother anyone with my personal opinion (well a little bit, i can't help it) because i haven't seen the movie. What?!?! Why? Because it hasn't been made....YET!

Right now i'm looking at an amazing concept, a cool looking poster and some ambitious indepentent filmmakers. Sounds great right? Well it's not all fun and games, they're facing a financial struggle and nobody likes that! At you'll find everything you need to know: the story, the so called 'concept' trailer, and most importantly: a request.

I've watched the movies they've posted, read their story + background and i got really excited. Excited over something that isn't even there yet, and i'm not even involved either! It just comes to show how important i think it is that independent filmmakers really get the chance they deserve to prove themselves. If you're not broke like i am (and that's not an excuse, you guys should donate me) and you feel the same way about this project, please help them realise this film.

Again the official site:
The official request video: Vimeo link
Twitter: TheAbhorrence

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