zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Ada: Zombilerin Dügünü (2010)

It's Turkish, it's dead, it's at a wedding. Turkish undead wedding crashers you might say, that sounds like a lot of fun. Fake-documentary style? Hmm, ok I'm still interested. Some comic relief thrown into it? I'm definitely down now! Sure, we've seen zombies like this before but it never loses it's entertainment value. Or does it....? Let's just say Isure hope the world isn't really coming to an end (21st of May 2011) because I wouldn't like Ada to be my last movie.

Normally I don't really pay to much attention to the movies I don't like. I've been reviewing movies that I love for good personal reasons. Yet, I can't stop the rain of puke gushing out my piehole so I have to get it off my chest. Ok ok that's not really happening, but still... it took a shit on plenty of great ideas and that's messed up.
Zombies are cool, we like it when zombies go on a massive scale rampage and we feel fulfilled when they get shot in the head or whatever. That's just the way it is. Oh wait! That's not what Murat Emir Eren and Talip Ertürk thought. I can already picture them sitting around a giant table, discussing what to do with the movie. ''Look, we stole the documentary-vibe, so we have to do something a little different with how the story goes down''. Then they go on ''The horror fan has been flooded with tons of dead and mutilated bodies over the last couple of years, so what we need to do is take away all the action and focus on the characters!''

Yes, they took the wrong turn at ''Fun avenue'' and ''Boring boulevard''. Because this is some seriously boring stuff. The film is only 75minutes long and still they figured out a way to get the first half hour full of simplified and uninteresting converstations without any interaction whatsoever. Why would I want to see a group of so called 'friends' go to a wedding, talk about the wedding on their way to the wedding, finally watch them end up being bored at a wedding while sitting at a table at a wedding and then maybe think about taking a piss at the wedding. Surprisingly enough, I'm not really into that, so that leaves me with a big pile of dissapointment.
 Will there be anyone to clean up that big pile? No, there will be none of that in the future. It has a decent setting (Turkish island, nicely looking and all) but it doesn't work with such a low risk approach. They're walking around, whining and fighting, sometimes running or taking a -not-so-strategic piss in the woods. It's not doing anything right. And it's not even that hard to satisfy me, I always enjoy even the smallest of gestures and the tiniest ideas. Still, Ada has none.

There's one 'decent' nightvision scene and uuhm, nevermind I got nothing left. I love my zombies like I love my kebab, fresh and well-made. Too bad this Ada: Zombilerin Dügünü is moldy kebab made by a blind 4-year old.

Score: 20/100


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