zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Burial Ground (1981)

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better after watching Mattie's ''Virus'', another briljant eighties zombie movie pops up. This time it's Andrea Bianchi's turn to make me giggle like a bitch over some glorious zombie-action. And his ''Burial Ground'' is definitely capable of doing that. Or should I call it ''Le Notti del Terrore'', or do you prefer ''The Nights of Terror''? Or would you rather call it Zombie 3? What the hell, Burial Ground it is!

I can pretty much copy/paste the entire ''Virus'' review and it would describe all my feelings about this movie in a verry accurate way. They're not so different, and I honestly can't decide which one I like better. But maybe that's not important. I'll just pick some new stuff to write about. Starting with the story, which is incredibly...
....simple. I suprised you there, didn't I? It's about a professor who opens a door which unleashes a group of zombies that will later on cause a mayhem among the guests that the professor was expecting in his humble home. Well, tough luck. The professor is dead and now the guests are in for some serious shit. It's definitely a bullshit storyline that doesn't take more than a few seconds to unfold, and I can really appreciate that. Why bore me endlessly when you can just skip right to the action?!

And that's where ''Burial Ground'' gets me excited. It is flooded with some amazing (and I mean a-ma-zing) looking zombies which are traditionaly slow and they know how to carry a weapon... which is not so much traditional. It's a fun idea and turns out great from time to time. For instance, take a moment to think about the scene with the scythe, isn't it awesome? I just thought the battering-ram was maybe a bit too much. Seriously...zombies with a battering-ram?? Who comes up with that stuff. But I guess I have to admit I laughed and enjoyed it anyways, as usual (where's the suprise?).
There's no real suprise in it for me. Oh wait, there is one... and it's gonna blow your mind. You see, there's this kid ''Michael'' and he is a rather silly looking boy. He can't help it, I understand, but why does he have to act like such a creep? It was nothing less than mind-blowing to see how that kid is behaving around his mother, even up to the point that it's scary. He's always saying ''mama'' with a unmanly high pitched voice and he has this weird crush (it's called INCEST) on his mom.

I have to give the kid some cedit though, his revenge at the ending is definitely sweet and pretty much a classic kill. So, let's leave the kid alone from now on. I won't even go as far as to discuss the rest of the cast, it's know...what you'd expect! (keeping it save). Tom Cruise wouldn't be able to pull this off.
I've mentioned the part with the scythe and the kid with his amazing kill, but it's impressive with all the effects, really. I liked the make-up for the zombies, how they're walking corpses with rotten skulls covered by almost no flesh with worms and maggots hanging out of the orbit. We see some great skull crushing effects and they sometimes blow up in many many pieces. It shows great craftmanship and the result is pure fun.

As usual the soundtrack is great and the pace is perfect. With around 80 minutes on the clock it's perfect for some glorious eighties zombie action. I just can't tell if I'd recommend this one over ''Virus'' or the other way around...just watch both of them!

Score: 93/100


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