woensdag 4 mei 2011

White Zombie @ Cinemassacre

You might know James Rolfe for his AVGN movies, which are of course hilarious, but he does some amazing stuff with (bad) movies aswell. He has done quite some videoreviews on his site: Cinemassacre.com. It varies from cheap sci-fi and fantasy to obscure eighties flicks and piles of Godzilla movies. They mostly last for a couple of minutes, but this particular review takes a while. Why? Well, because we will watch the entire movie while listening to James Rolfe and Motherfucker Mike.

White Zombie is the first 'zombie' movie and that means it's very..very old. 1932, to be exact. It's not the easiest to watch, the tempo is extremely slow if you compare it to modern day films and the acting is very theatrical. But i had absolutely no problems watching it with their commentary. James really knows a lot, and i mean A LOT about this period of movies. He has plenty of fun facts, brought to you with a great sense of humor. It makes it a whole lot easier to watch the movie when they're talking about it and discussing it's influence and so on. It's not just entertaining, it's informative.

White Zombie has become 'public domain' so they were free to discuss it with full video support. If you're just like me and 1930 movies seem like a big step, you should definitely check out this review. It's devided in three parts:

Part I
Part II
Party III


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