donderdag 19 mei 2011

Upcoming and promising #1

I know, it's an amazing poster. Cool, fun, and it pretty much speaks for itself. It's one of the many things that make this year, 2011 that is, worth your while. If your hand isn't sleeping you could try and click on the line below and make the rest appear. Jizz alert for all the pulp lovers out there, these movies are gonna taste mighty fine this year!! 

Father's Day

Now that the Mother's Day remake has seen the bright daylight, it's time for the other parent to show his face. And i don't know about you guys, but i think his face is a lot more promising than mother will ever be. Why's that? Well...Troma is the answer. Damn, it's the first movie and i already jizzed a little.

‘’FATHERS DAY hits theaters late this summer’’


Aaaaaah, Nishimura! You know, the Japanese guy that turns everything into gold. With his extremely crazy ideas and briljant presentation of those effects, he's just the guy you need for the modern Asian splatter genre (j-sploitation). It's always worht your while if he has something to do with the special makeup and effects. But the most promising projects are the ones he's directing aswell. Helldriver is one of those titels, and if you've seen the trailer you'll agree with me if i'd say: it's crazy, immensely funny and beyond cool. And now i have to swipe away all of my drool, yuk..


Orcs, 4 letters that say it all. Lord of the Rings isn't my cup of tea, but this time they seem to have a trick up their sleeve that i actually like! It won't be a movie that everyone will like, what else is new, but i'm totally down for it. A potential masterpiece? Mwha, maybe not that great.. but some simple fun is guaranteed. 

Denjin Zabôgâ: Gekijô-Ban 

Terible special effects, bullshit storyline and worhtless acting. Didn't you just love the Power Rangers? I know i did. Being a 8 year old jizzer in front of the tv, looking at sparkly explosions...yeah, i just wanted to be like them. Now, at the age of 18, i'm not like that anymore. But if there's one movie that could bring back the ultimate dream of jumping around beating up gigantic monsters with my robot, it would be this karate bastard. Karate Robo Zaborgar promises to be some delightful fun

A Horrible way to die 

Adam Wingard is an amazing director. Wait a second, just amazing? No, he's briljant. Why? Just watch Pop Skull already. I'm a huge fan, absolutely one of my favorites (top10). Before i lick to much of anyones butthole, i'd rather talk about the upcoming and promising 'A Horrible Way to Die'. I don't know the words to describe this trailer, it's just thát good.


It's Italian, it's dead.. but not quite as dead as you might hope. Oh wait, i did hope for it to be somewhat alive. It has to be retarded, dead and hungry for meat. Zombi 2 is an undeniable zombie classic, can 'Eaters' get the Italians zombie scene back in effect? I sure hope so, the trailer is promising enough to do so.

Gothic & Lolita Psycho 

Shocking, another j-sploitation title. This time it's Gô Ohara's task to bring us some gory fun. Gô who? I can't blame anyone for not knowing him, neither did i. But after some research i found out he did some cool stuff in the past. Action director for Oneechanbara, for example. Excited? I am. 

The Taint

The Taint is already available on the official site but hasn't had a big release yet so i'm counting it as upcoming. Don't forget to check the trailer, it shows plenty of sick gore, a budget to whipe your ass with and a (almost) Troma-like feeling *Orders the dvd*


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