woensdag 15 juni 2011

Abhorrence Q&A

 I had the chance to do something a little different this time. Twitter has given me the opportunity to get in contact with lots of indie-filmmakers and their fans. I don't think there is a better way to connect to your audience, or soon-to-be audience in this case. The guys at Gold Standard are trying to get their film started so this was the perfect time to find out more about these ambitious filmmakers and their soon to be masterpiece...''The Abhorrence''.

Q: Care to introduce yourselves ?

A: Hello World, we are Gold Standard.

Q: How long have you been working on the concept for Abhorrence?

A: Two years or so, give or take.

Q: The story will be taking place in the eighties, why's that?

A: Because there is no better place to make a film. The 80s were radical.

Q: In the video you mention you're also paying a hommage to some of the horror films you grew up with, what are the movies that inspired you the most on this project?

A: Night of the Demons 1988, All the Nightmare on Elm Streets, Halloween 1978, House of the Devil, Rosemary’s Baby.  I can honestly go on all night, so I will stop here.

Q: I can safely asume that you're a big fan of the eighties, but are there any modern day directors that you look up to?

A: I really enjoy Ti West’s work in the horror world.  Robert Rodriquez is my man though, I follow his work, Dude is wicked and has a gnarly work ethic. I really respect him more than anybody in the game right now.

Q: And are there any directors that you might compare your style to?

A: Nope. Directors are like snow flakes, no two are alike. And it really takes a strong DP to really see the directors style depending on how and what your looking for.

Q: I read the storyline and it seems like you're attempting to add something new to the ''found footage'' style, which has given movies such as Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity instant popularity. Are you aiming for the same effect?

A: Well as far as the found footage is concerned I have gotten rid of that because I was over all that hype.  I guess you can say that if it hits Paranormal Activity instant popularity then right on, but if it doesn’t happen.. well, we can wait to see what happens with my next film. The goal is to always make something epic in terms of popularity.

Q: It seems to be really hard to gather the budget to get started even though you have an attractive project! How are you trying to get people's attention?

A: My producer Christian has been in charge of all the logistics behind our film. He is doing a really good job on meeting investors.

Q: Most independent filmmakers are really eager to work on a big(ger) project, but what is it that makes your crew (and project) stand out of the crowd?

A: My crew is nasty, and pretty nuts. We pretty much live by the saying “Go Big, or Go home.” I guess you can say we are balls to the wall for our passion for the GRIND. And i think that it will show in our work what makes us stand out from other people.

Q: Isn't it tempting to throw a big celebration party when you've raised the 5.000$ you're aiming for and thereby possibly losing half of it?

A: Well 5000 is only through Indiegogo. We are searching for more through private investors. I wish I could tell you yes we want to have a party but we don’t have the time.  I don’t want to celebrate a victory unless we win. And reaching one little goal of 1000 is really small fish compared to the real shark we are chasing.  I think that party is just a huge liability to my crew if our main goal isn’t met. Don’t get me wrong, we love to celebrate but all in due time.

Q: What are you going to do if you can't get the budget you're aiming for? Make it with a smaller budget, postpone it or...?

A: We will get the budget, that is no doubt. I am that confident that Christian can pull it together. I figure if we can't get the budget or a company backing us then maybe we don’t belong in this field and we will go back to being servers for the rest of our lives, because if I'm not making film then I might as well suffer in hell serving tables.

Q: Any epic last words, wishes or jokes? *advertisement space*

A: Stay Gold, and keep making shit happen. Thanks for your time sincerely Rudy Gold.

So there you have it, my very first Q&A for this blog. Thanks guys at Gold Standard for taking the time and I wish you the best!

Be sure to check out their page at Indiegogo right here: http://www.indiegogo.com/Abhorrence

Don't forget to follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TheAbhorrence and https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealRudyGold

And don't forget to visit their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abhorrence/201419633215648


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