woensdag 15 juni 2011

Eaters (2010)

I was really looking forward to this one. I've been watching many classic Italian zombie flicks lately, so this brand new zombie-fest from the Italian directors 'Luca Boni' and 'Marco Ristori' was definitely something to get excited about. By the way, it's presented by Uwe Boll...and that's one of my favorite directors. Fingers crossed!

The trailer looked really promising. It displayed a nice looking apocalyptic world, of course controlled by zombies. It seems the epedemic first took down almost the entire population by making sure it leaves no fertile women alive, thereby leaving the world behind without any future. The wild and threatening living dead are roaming free with just a few survivors left amongst them. Igor and Alen take on the responsibility to deliver the living dead to the scientist whom they take shelter with.
'Eaters' had me extremely excited the first time I heard about it. It's a shame that it doesn't live up to those high expectations. It has the same flaws as most of the recent zombie flicks deal with. The only thing that's a lot better than average....is the gore. Plenty of rotten corpses, torn up faces, dismemberments...you name it. It certainly has the quality to turn into a classic, yet it relentlessly drowns in a pool full of seriousness.

And maybe the quality is the biggest flaw. At least, for me personally it is. I like them the most when they're either extremely trashy or really slick. This one takes the middle road, and that leads to less satisfaction than the other roads would've brought me. I was missing out on the fun a lot of the times. It had a few moments that reminded me of the glorious old days, but it will always drop back into the same predictable and serious pattern.
The main focus should've been more on the struggle to survive, instead we get to hear a lot of...nonsense, really. Whether it's about serious matter by the scientist or just listening to the 'Leon look-a-like' having a frustrated monologue, it's not doing the movie any good. The fun leaves the screen way to often, forcing you to doubt the intentions of the film. Is it a serious flick? It could be. But why does it have neo nazies and a sexy zombie with her boob hanging out? I'm stuck in between right now, and it's unsatisfying. Not between the boobs, but...you know.

Maybe it's the dissapointment taking over, making me seem really negative. I shouldn't be though, because the effects were amazing and the vibe was cool. It's better than the most recent zombie flicks I've seen, so that's a good thing to start with. The music wasn't too bad either. It mixes things up a lot. Sometimes it's rock, then it's techno...I even spotted something quite traditional. It didn't boost the film, neither did it screw anything up. Balanced, I guess.
Let's leave it at that. It's worth your time if you, unlike me, can adjust your expectations to a more realistic grade. It's a great display of gory fx making it feel dirty all over the place. Check out the trailer and make up your mind, at the very least it's digestible for the zombie fans!

Score: 71/100


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