woensdag 1 juni 2011

Kids Go to the Woods... Kids Get Dead (2009)

Traditional, that's what this slasher is in the first place. Horny, that's what the kids are. And bloody...that's how it ends up. I have to admit that ''Kids Go to the Woods...Kids Get Dead'' caught me off guard. I was convinced that it was gonna be about eldery people on a yacht, but it turned out to be everything the title has to say. Atleast the movie is honest! Not like ''Bikini Girls on Ice'' where i didn't even see one pair of ice skates!! Grrr..

So we have a group of friends, a cabin in the woods and some beer. Add a crazy war veteran, idiotic cops and a masked killer. Try to mix it all up with some nudity and eighties gimmicks and you have yourself a great traditional slasher movie. VHS static, a (HOT) horror hostess and weird + random commercials interrupting the movie whenever they feel like it. It creates a special kind of vibe, funny and old school. 
You'll never hear me say that this is the best slasher i've seen in a while, because it isn't. I like most of it, but it doesn't take enough advantage from the ingredients that it has in stock. I like the killer, great mask and all but it's not a creative mastermind. That made the kills kinda blank. It's almost a contrast with the rest of the movie, which is a lot of fun. It's also not as 'so bad it's amazing' as the first scene, which made me love the movie instantly. 

After that first amazing scene, a short introduction by Candy Adams (played by Carly Goodspeed) is shown. She's the absolute highlight of the movie, wow! Not only is she incredibly hot, she's just the perfect comic relief for the movie. Nice writing but most of all: great delivery. She kept the love alive, it's hard to say anything negative about this movie but i can't denie some stuff.

I liked the characters. It's your stereotypical bunch of friends. The outsider, the shy girl, the jocks, and the lesbians. Yes, lesbians. Now that's a party! Especialy when one of the lesbian girls is gorgious, and then i mean the one played by Kristen Adele. So the eye-candy kinda makes up for the lack of edgy kills, let's stick with that. 
It's cheapish looking and cheapish fun, it has cheap humor and cheap beer. But it's cheesyness reaches the core and keeps everything fun and exciting. I also like the ending, where we find out that the mask actualy has a good use for the killer. That's a fun detail. I also also...also like the way it makes the movie feel as if you're watching a VHS (the movie is taped over a home video, etc) but it feels to gimmicky because the movie itselve doesn't really have the cinematography of the (late seventies) eighties. 

I have to add a conclusion, but i'm not so sure if it's ''really good'' or just ''good''. Let's give it the benefit of the doubt and go with really good. It has nudity, it has humor, it has blood and it has beer... a real good time but most importantly.. a really good movie. 

Score: 80/100


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