woensdag 8 juni 2011

Sunset Vampires (2009)

Sophie Monk, Anya Lahiri, Scout Taylor-Compton, Electra Evellan and Angela Lindvall....there's the eye candy. Two lesbians chosen to be 'angels' (vampires) and ordered to seek and destroy the truly evil...there's the storyline. It's worth a shot.

It's new years eve and two hot models named Brooke (Sophie Monk) and Rhea (Anya Lahiri) are at a Hollywood Hills party. Brooke walks in on this a-hole actor who's threatening a girl and forcing her to sleep with him. She then decides to stab him 87 times, leading to murder...orly? Yes, really. They take off in their car and Brooke admits her mistake to Rhea. They stop somewhere on Pearlblossom Highway and there they meet the creator of the universe. Oh my god!? Yes, thé creator.
What follows is a bullshit story at its finest. She turns both of them into vampires in order to seek and destroy true evil. Sounds exciting...eternal life as a hot vampire. But Brooke is having a hard time controlling herself, leading to unnecessary kills (not for us) and some bitchy arguing. It's fun to watch and it actually looks...good! There's not much it can do wrong at this point, but wait...it does.

The sun is rising so they have to get to some place save (read: dark). They end up at this gasstation where they close the blinds and flirt with the fat cassiere. It's to bad we don't leave this place untill the very end. Thank god for the sheriff (played by Charles Napier) to keep it all quite entertaining. I laughed my ass off when he was watching a show named ''chicks chasing chickens''. Half naked chicks trying to catch cocks.... they even showed some of the footage and it was awesome!
Danny Woodburn was a nice little cop and the family with the funny dad from India was a cool addition to the bodycount AND humor. It's entertaining at all times, yet it never really impresses me. There's no need to look for gore and let's not even go as far as to discuss the writing...it felt extremely odd to say the least. In the end it all leads up to a confrontation that has the potential to be a worthy climax.

But instead of enjoying an epic last battle, you'll be worrying NOT to blink this time or you'll miss it again. It's not even a real battle, *sigh* and I needed that. I can't say I don't like the movie, it did some great things but it misses the final touch to make it absolutely worth your while. Semi-campy-lesbian-vampire flick, only for the diehard fans.

Score: 70/100


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