woensdag 8 juni 2011

Slime City Massacre (2010)

Welcome to the city where slime never sleeps. A city that has nothing left after the impact of a 'dirty bomb'. Only a few wanderers remain in their own neighbourhood guided by pimps & hoes, criminals and mentally insane. Alexa, Cory, Alice and Mason aren't part in any of this as they barricade themselves somewhere more private. While searching for food they stumble across a deserted wine cellar where they find some sort of non-expiring yoghurt and plenty of wine to go around.

Radioactive green/purple/pink/blue yoghurt...yeah let's eat that! It doesn't take to long before they encounter the consequences. This 'yoghurt' (slime) turns their bodies into slime-addicts, adding a little urge to kill. At first I thought it might be a bit like 1987's Street Trash (sleaze classic) with the homeless people and the dangerous liquid. But in the end it works in a different way. I haven't seen the original Slime City (1988) yet, but the idea dind't change that much since the eighties. That's a great thing, keeping the spirit alive!
Fans should be very excited that Lamberson is responsible for this new Slime City title. He hasn't really delivered anything special ever since his slime taunted the world of cinema and undeniably became cult. It's a great choice to go back to where it all started, making the fans relive the humor and gore that made the eighties trash so much fun. I'm not saying it's an easy task, far from it, but you know it will have at least a few things take will make you cheer and wet yourself.

I cheered but i didn't wet myself. Trust me when I say it's a lot of fun to watch, but I expected more. It has some suprisingly nice performances and even Lloyd Kaufman makes a quick appearance in the beginning so that's exciting as always. My problem is probably the lack of gore in the majority of the film, leading to a satisfying ending but a dissapointing freak-show untill then. The effects are great, seeing how Alice's entire body turned into slime is amazingly well done. So are some of the bloody kills and a special decapitation in particular....but let's not spoile that.
It seems like it has plenty to go around, but I found myself craving for a giant slimy massacre more than once. Instead, it takes the time to work out some of the characters and capture their downfall (the addiction is taking over). It works most of the times but it could've used some more 'crazyness'. The ending has funny one-liners (''You look good in pink'') and impressive effects, so i might just forget some of the negativity.

Lamberson's new project is highly recommended for the fans of the original (well duh) and fans of trash in general (like myself). I'll definitely order the first Slime City as well. The yoghurt seems to be just as non-expiring as this story is. The eighties are brought back to live in this crazy slimy city, and i'm cheering for that.

Score: 85/100


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