woensdag 22 juni 2011

Zombie Lake (1981)

A zombie film by Jean Rollin....that's not really his speciality. Most of his work revolves around bloodsucking vampires. I have yet to see one of those vampire flicks (quite a few of them have been released a while ago, so I'm bound to come across them soon or later) so I can't compare this to his other personal work. But does it shine among the classic zombie trash, or should they've stayed at the bottom of this lake?

A French semi-erotic zombie flick, it sounds perfect to me. Yet it isn't. I enjoyed most of it but it does not have the same appeal as 'Virus' or 'Burial Ground'. This time it's up to the nazis to rise from the dead and attack the (preferably naked) living. They're as badass as always, but the plot has a few issues. The backstory is nicely paced with some non-epic warfare. Some of the killed soldiers are thrown in a nearby lake, only to rise again many years later. Why? Because...it's the 80's and we need a cheap movie!
It seems to be pretty serious, which actually makes it even more hilarious (the Troll 2-effect). Some of the acting is just outrageous, it made me want to slap my monitor. The kid near the ending is just creepy, the way she's spitting out those words like a f-ing robot is just hilarious and I almost pissed my pants at this point. I just love these movies, even though it's really hard to explain exactly why. I guess it's the nudity...yes, that must be it.

Or maybe not. It's the most fun though. Watching a group of girls skinnydipping while the nazi zombies are closing in on them on the bottom of the lake, that's just priceless. Especially near the end you'll find yourself laughing and cheering since it has some awesome battles. The flamethrower makes it as enjoyable as it can get. It will burn the green paint right of their skin, good times..
You know the zombies from Dawn of the Dead, with the blue make-up? It's pretty much the same crappy yet succesfull makeup work but with a different colour. The overall cheesyness of their looks and actions makes this flick rise close to the top of my list. The action almost makes all the unbearable conversations invisible. Like a big gab in my memory, thankfully.

Like I've mentioned before in my 'Virgin Among the Living Dead' review, some of the 'Zombie Lake' footage was used in a different version of 'Virgin....' It seems to me as if it would be as out of place as it could get, but I can't judge it without seeing the actualy cut. What I can tell is that the quality of this film is worse than Franco's work. Not that I really care too much, but I can imagine it would stand out in a bad way.
Definitely worth my time. As a huge (bad) zombiemovie fan I enjoyed every segment with the green bastards. It's not the one I'd recommend to everyone but if it's one of the few you haven't seen yet: check it out!

Score: 84/100


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