vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41

Jailhouse 41 is the second film in the Scorpion serie directed by Shunya Ito and of course starring Meiko Kaji along with plenty of other actors and actrices from the first film. Even though it shows some significant simmilarities with #701, it still manages to keep you excited throughout this epic escape where murder and humiliation are well spent.

We start off in a familiair location. Meiko (Matsu) has been locked away in the bowels of prison for her countless attempts to escape and of course her disfiguring attack on the warden. But her chance to escape again is lurking when a dignitary comes to visit. She immediatly takes advantage of the situation and attacks the warden. Leading to even more punishment and humiliation, but also giving her the opportunity to escape with six other female prisoners.
Prisoner #701 was pretty much located in and around the jail, but this time Shunya Ito decides to take it one step further and have them explore the almost surreal landscape of Japan. Enountering many difficult circumstances with their own personal issues while being chased by the guards... it seems like the same recepy as the first one. But don't worrt, it has some joyfull differences below the surface.

It almost feels like there is no limit. Crazy stories are followed up by heavy raping and male humiliation. Badass action seems to go hand in hand with a supreme sense of style and the music has the same impact as the first time. Matsu remains an amazing character. She's still standing strong, even in the most difficult situations. There's a certain appeal to her attitude which I can't help but love. Again, it's one of the finer features.
I mentioned the word ''surreal'' earlier on. It's not entirely new but it's closer to perfection this time. Shunya Ito is showing a more over-the-top sense of humor and isn't holding back on the dreamy sequences which you'll encounter more than once. It has a strange effect but it never feels out of place. It takes the visuals to a whole new level with crazy coloured lighting and/or moving setpieces, it's the sudden switch that makes it work.

Taking you from one gorgious place to another, Jailhouse 41 is an exciting thrillride just like the first one. It's beautifully shot and it still manages to keep some suprises up his sleeve, even after a brilliant first film like #701. It might score a little below the first one, but I'd say it has plenty in store to be liked just as much or maybe even more by some of you.

Score: 92/100


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