zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable (1973)

It's the 8th world wonder. Shunya Iso is on a winning streak, it made Charlie Sheen cry and it has turned me into a huge fan of his work. It's the third Scorpion film, again presenting us the legendary Matsu and her heaps of problems. A different setting, but with plenty of familiar ingredients lurking around.

It's almost unbelievable. The Scorpion serie shows some significant changes each time but they all have the same sort of appeal. The second film already got rid of the prison setting for the most part and this time we don't even visit the cold walls untill the very end. The change of atmosphere seems vital, but it's not without any risks.
This one starts off with the best opening so far. An impressive and rather hilarious start certainly triggers your excitement muscle. Watching Matsu run down the street with a dismembered arm dangling from her wrist while listening to the lovely soundtrack (still 'Song of Vengeance') is pure gold. I even dare to go as far as to say it's one of the coolest scenes ever.

But stick around, because there's a lot more to come. Introducing various subjects such as prostitution, rape, incest, and of course murder. It's a compelling bunch of problems which definitely gives 'Beast Stable' some new ingredients to cook with.
It has some great writing, keeping you hooked non stop. The enviromental changes are perfectly timed, switching from parts in the gloomy city to dirty sewers and even jail. It will take you all over the place. Of course drenched with a stylish sauce. Probably not even close to the crazy ideas in the first and mainly second film, but the almost (of course relatively) subtle approach feels spot on at all times.

Matsu remains unforgettable and she makes me beg for more and more. I still have Grudge's Song to go so I'll be seeing plenty of her later on. I shouldn't forget the 'Stray Cat' films she's in and of course Lady Snowblood. Damn, I've got so much to look forward to!

I've said it all, I guess. It's becoming hard to come up with new complementing words for every brilliant Scorpion film. Let's hope the fourth one is as good as all of Ito's work. But I guess Hasebe should be capable of pulling it off. Let's keep some fingers and possibly all other bodyparts crossed, because I can only hope for a happy finish.

Score: 92/100


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