zondag 24 juli 2011

Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee's Counterattack (1971)

Queen Bee's Counterattack is the first out of seven films in the Sukeban series. Four of them were directed by Suzuki so I'll be sure to watch at least three of them after this and who knows even more. It's a promising start of the series which didn't really come as a suprise. It's what I'd come to expect after watching Suzuki's other girl gang flick Terrifying Girls' High School. Though they are far from the same.

It's the perfect Pinky Violence setup. We follow the gorgeous Reiko Ike who's the girl gangs' boss since their previous leader has been caught by the officials. Shit starts to rain when the old leader returns and the Yakuza is causing problems. Meanwhile they get mixed up with a motorcycle gang. The conflicts are stacking so it's time for... nudity.
And there's plenty of it. Of course it's all in favour of the violence, or corruption...even for the fun of it. It has all it needs to please the fans. Switchting between humorous scenes and melodramatic sequences, it sure has plenty to tell in a short time. There's room for everything, it's almost a random bag of fun at some points.

Probably the best example of the humorous fun and excitement this film has to offer must be the scene where they all have sex while riding on a motorcycle. Pretty hilarious, clever and highly entertaining. Add some topless fighting, some Yakuza bussiness... and we have a great film. Though it comes off pretty simple and straight forward, never does it feel that way.
With a great cast (plenty of familiar names), a really decent look, cool music and intriguing storytelling, Queen Bee's Counterattack has to be a dreamstart for the serie. There's plenty of shameless fun to look forward to, so I'm happy like a 13-year old grabbing his first pair of boobs.

Score: 88/100


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