donderdag 2 juni 2011

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009)

One blind samurai seeking for revenge. Seven enemies to defeat. A recepy for blood is a recepy for fun, for me it's really that simple most of the times. There are always exceptions... but nah, this one isn't. I'm really excited about everything that this avenging samurai threw at me. Tasteless or not, i took it.

We meet a tormented blind guy seeking for revenge on the guy who killed his wife and daughter. Why did he kill his wife and daughter you might ask? Because they were having a nice little picknick, so they definitely deserved it! They get slapped around, raped and eventually their brains get splattered all over the ground. He's then forced to ram a stick into his own eyes and is then left for dead. He'll begin a journey on which he has to face seven enemies before he can kill their leader.
And that journey is suprisingly...weird. It starts off pretty standard with a simple hitman, but it won't take long before the foes begin to take on un human-like shapes. We have hypnotizing boobies, a pregnant old lady, soldiers, cowboys and even f-ing zombies running around. We are rewarded with enough nudity, fountains of blood and just dumb fights at all time. It almost never stopts, and that's a good thing.

The choreography isn't worth it, but the battles always end up in some great bloodshedding. Is it ever 'subtle'? Heck no, it's the exact opposite. Arms and legs are flying aroud the desert while baby's get ripped out of their womb and zombies get decapitated. Meanwhile the titties are all up in your face and the gimmicky effects are always lurking. Uhu, this is one of those 'grindhouse'-like movies, where they (for instance) interrupt the movie and throw in a filter every ones in a while.
I like the ideas for the most part, but there are some annoying ones aswell. We get plenty of background information, some stories behind the characters and that's fine with me. But it's poorly paced and it interrupts the action for far too long. I found it hard to stay focussed after the 20th time the movie got interrupted for some ''samurai-lessons'' or ''flashbacks''. I'd prefer the movie without those sequences.

But i guess the end result is a whole lot of fun to watch. It has the crazy characters, the bad acting, the fitting style, the nudity, the blood and guts, the story, the old guy with an has just about everything!! Pulp fans are strongly advised to give this a watch. It even had a nice release here in the Netherlands (with some cool extra's) so i'm sure that it's not so hard to find.



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