woensdag 6 juli 2011

Orphan Killer, the (2011)

Matt Farnsworth's ''The Orphan Killer'' is a low budget 2011 slasher film able to compete with the top of the genre. After watching the horrificly brutal ''Dream home'' all I had was mere hope for something to come close to such a masterpiece. Does this bloodsoaked slasher draw between the lines, or will it show no mercy?

It definitely suprised me on multiple aspects. The entire structure and backstory is interesting, keeping you excited for more to come while adding some persona behind the entire situation. It's definitely not original, but it's well-executed. The killer's past follows the exact same path as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's remakes/adaptations. There's really no denying.
Style-wise it's most interesting. Combining oddly placed shots with wobbly (not shaky) camerawork, it succeeds in giving the audience something cool to look at. It creates different vibes, ranging from bloody fun to nicely placed dark sequences, aiming for some non-graphic tension. Many names popped into my head during this film, yet it has no direct comparison and that's for the best.

Something tells me Matt isn't a religious type. Nuns giving BJ's and a priest gets what's coming to him for touching boys. Also, the sisters in the orphanage are awfuly violent to a, I guess, 10 year old kid. He shows no remorse to these characters and it made me to laugh more than once. This type of dark comedy is never misplaced, I'd even go so far as to say it's nessecary.
''The Orphan Killer'' himself looks pretty neat. The creepy mask will be remembered and he swiftly avoids stupidity, turning him into a serious and ruthless killer for the most part. Audrey is pretty much your typical protagonist. Diane Foster pulls it off nicely, eventhough it's not an easy part to play. Covered in blood, screaming and moaning, running and falling... yeah, she's hot.

With the extreme kills and remarkable visual style it has everything going for it. Forcing the viewer to beg for more and more. It succeeds in creating a hardcore slasher, delivering a perfect film for a small crowd. Avoid it if you're a sensative prick, but watch it if you're looking for a bloody good time.

Score: 90/100


Anoniem zei

Cool review :D


TonyT zei

Thanks Sem, I really appreciate it!

Anoniem zei

TOK is my favorite film.

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