dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Inferno (1980)

He's back! After watching three of his biggest films in a row, I decided to take a break from Argento. Not because I got tired, nooooo, it's because I don't want to rush through his films and be done with it. But after viewing Amer, I just had to screen another one. The first unseen one I came across in my dvd collection was Inferno..will this be his fourth masterpiece?

It's so obvious that this one came out between Suspiria and Phenomena. I still remember them as if it was only yesterday, so the simmilarities weren't hard to spot. There's an interesting development going on in this era of his career. It slowly went from 'stylish' to more 'goulish'. It's not much of a change since his work still kept an amazing stylish and personal opproach on the genre... but there's no real repetition as his focus slightly moved along.

It all felt like home. It looks define from the very start. Maybe not as much as Suspiria, the setpieces form a important part of the entire vibe. The male protagonist is just a tool to explore the buildings, rooms and secrets this film keeps. It's a suspenseful exploration of the unexplanatory, much like some of his other work has been or would turn out. It has his signature written all over.

Much like I'm used to by now, his stories rarely matter. A rather simple mystery-plot but without any depth to it. He's very clear in letting the viewer know what HE thinks is important to show to get the right result. It's a film guided by mystery and suspense, and is best to be approached with as little as information as possible. It's one of the reasons why he's becoming one of my favorite directors.

There's a really nice pace and it's never slacking nor does anything feel unnesecary. I wasn't dissapointed with the kills. They aren't as graphicly superb like some of his other work, but they do the job just fine. I like the cat-attack and the death scene with the rats is just briliant. Clumsy? Might be... but it's what I love.

I haven't said much about the actors or their part in the film. Mainly because it doesn't really matter. They're replacable, they're a 'tool'... like I said before. It's a film I'd recommend for its vibe, the atmosphere.. the great blue/red lightning effects and the mind blowing ending. It's another amazing film by Argento. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's Suspiria/Phenomena-good... but like most of his work: it's a must see.

Score: 88/100


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