zaterdag 3 september 2011

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

I wasn't a big fan of the first film. Though it has been a while and I'd probably appreciate it more if I would give it a second chance. My main concern was wether or not this would be edgy enough to stand out of the crowd. So does this direct follow up deliver what's needed, or will it get lost in clich├ęs?

There's definitely a thin line between brilliant and bad when it comes to slasher films. Directors nowadays try all they can to come up with new stuff to add to this amazingly fun subgenre. Others tend to stick to the roots of all evil and keep it straight forward with no nonsense whatsoever. Chromeskull would be categorized as a typical no nonsense gorefest, but it's far from standard.

I'ts probably one of the most brutal slasherfilms ever made. At least for an American slasher it is. It has a lot of in-your-face gore which will suprise plenty of horrorhounds. It's something you'd come to expect from the german master of gore: Ittenbach. But Robert Hall...? He sure knows how to put his balls on the line. It's for a small crowd, and that crowd will embrace this film and turn it into a true cult flick.

Suprisingly enough it adds quite some depth to ''Chromeskull'', the killer that can't be killed. Pretty much in line with Friday the 13th, there is no way to get rid of this kind of evil. There's no need to describe the plot in all it's detail, it's a nicely paced storyline with plenty of room for all the action to unfold. I've never seen this kind of mutilation with knives before. All of the kills are brought to you with great precision and are shot from the right distance. Everything is happening on-screen while some of the kills seem to be impossible this way.

The cast remains rather interesting. Especially Danielle Harris! She's probably one of my favorite horror actrices. She's a wanted star for a reason. Starring in films such as ''Blood Night'' and Adam Green's ''Hatchet'' films (3rd one is coming up!) she has proven to be a fantastic horror vixen. Thomas Dekker survived the first film and is still doing a fine job in the second one.

There's really nothing more to get into. It's a masterpiece for whoever is looking for new and exciting ways to watch teenagers get what they don't deserve. Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 has a great dark and stylish approach which will appeal to plenty of viewers. Just make sure you're really into this type of heavy violence. If blood and guts are your cup of tea... don't hessitate!

Score: 90/100 


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