woensdag 19 oktober 2011

SlashingThrough review: Decampitated (1998)

Troma Entertainment has a rich history of sex, violence and plenty of laughs. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz became legends with titles such as ‘Toxic Avenger’, ‘Troma’s War’ and of course the one and only ‘Sgt Kabukiman N.Y.P.D’. It all started with the ‘sexy-comedies’ back in the seventies but the real success came with their goofy horror comedies. Lloyd and Herz had a sharp eye for silly new directors which brings me to the centerpiece of this review: ’Decampitated’, a delicious piece of old school horror/comedy.

FacialMatt Cunningham (Mangler Reborn) is responsible for this hilarious late 90’s camp. Camping teenagers experienced their finest moments back in the 80’s when the slashers where a hot topic and the so called ‘camp-value’ was high. It was meant to be silly, over the top and based on (overplayed) stereotypes. Decampitated grabs the essentials of the campy slasher and shakes it around a bit, the outcome is stupidity at its finest.

It becomes clear from the very first moment that Matt has something in store for us. It starts off with a rather funny and ridiculous parody on the stereotypical chase scene in the woods involving some hard to miss bear traps. Rightly after we meet a small chunk of the victims as they are planning their camping trip. It is shown with some crazy wide angle lens shots and the impressive amount of self-mockery makes it a joyful and fresh start to a true love it or hate it slasher.

The film tends to get really awkward at some points. The close-up shots are really uncomfortable but they work in favor of the comedy part. Everything about ‘Decampitated’ feels like a cartoon. Not only are the actors overacting the actual overacting, they are also constantly supported by goofy sound effects and even sillier music. It makes up for a slap-stick like game of death with all of the genre clich├ęs dangling around the forest.


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