woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Halloween month special #3

Each week I try to compile an interesting list of films that deserve the extra attention. The modern day slashers were first in line, followed by ''neo-exploitation''. Those genres were pretty specific. That's definitely not the case this week as I take a look at some of the best horror shorts.

 #10 Spider
A well made short film that only needs one single moment to show its power. Surprising and funny! 

#9 The Dummy
This 1980's student project is pretty scary. The simple premise doesn't harm the thrill. Some shots are really effective and would've haunted me as a child. 

#8 Doppelganger
In such short time it will still be able to send a shiver down your spine. Smartly written and nicely excecuted. 

#7 Red Balloon
A classy and spooky short film. The end result shows some great quality and the tension is definitely remarkable.

#6 Dark Times
It's another handycam zombie flick but with a really nice twist near the end. It's something I've always wanted to see. 

#5 Elevated
This mysterious short film is made by Vincenzo Natali, writer and director of the original movie "Cube". An interesting storyline with a nice conclusion.

#4 Sexy Nightmare Slayers
Every boys dream. That's all I have to say. 

#3 Treevenge
Jason Eisener has shown his amazing talent with ''Hobo with a Shotgun''. Though, Treevenge is even more proof of his extraordinary vision.

#2 Deus Irae
It's the only shortfilm that really caught me off guard. I'm not a big Exorcist fan but this bad-ass approach to the classic exorcism concept really impressed me.

#1 Brutal Relax
I haven't had this much fun since... a long time. This is just a short reminder of what's so bloody brilliant about the splatter subgenre. Loved every second of it.

 Honorable mentions

Stay tuned for another Halloween special! Next week: Top 10 Troma releases.


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