dinsdag 13 december 2011

Underground (2011)

Hey guys, let me try to start this excelent review (did you notice the sarcasm?) a bit more original than I normaly do. What we have here is a milestone, an epic tale of the youngsters facing an disfigured alien monster experiment breed. They must fight to survive and their only hope is... being the cliché protagonist whom always survives.

Sigh. It's...just.. why? Let me start over. 'Underground' is a 2011 horror flick about a group of friends fighting for their lives against lethal and ravenous creatures lurking beneath the Earth's surface. The group finds themselves at the mercy of creatures genetically engineered by the military to be expendable in battle. Though they fought countless battles in Iraq, these friends never knew real fear until they went underground.
Doesn't that just sound epic? No! Throwing a bunch of mediocre and well-known horror films together is not epic, not at all actually.  It constantly feels recycled and old. Counting down for the next event to come was almost as easy as with Insidious and the youngsters are almost as stupid as the no-brain trash in Wrong Turn 4.

The funny thing is that I wasn't as frustrated during the film as I am right now. While I was thinking about it, and as I am writing this, it all became clear. Every scene I could remember would now suck as I was now able to see it in a bigger context. It were just lose pieces of semi-excitement in a (politely spoken) garbagecan.

There's a lot of hate for this film though some bloggers stood up for director Rafael Easenman. Too bad I wasn't ableto enjoy it at this point. I was just annoyed by the sloppy execution, especialy the editing and also the lighting can be a bit off. It's all just adding up, making 'Underground' feel like one hell of a big mistake. I might be overreacting a bit, but at this point it's just the dissapointment taking over. 

And that pretty much describes everything about 'Underground', it's simply dissapointing. Some gore effects were actually rather cool and purely judging this aspect there's nothing to bitch about. Too bad the pro's aren't big enough to make me forget about the cons for even a slight second. It's just an allround 'mehhh' for Rafael Easenman's shot in the dark.

Score: 30/100


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