zondag 27 mei 2012

Press Release: Secret Horror Project Shooting in Thailand

Hot news from the indie scene. Allround talent James Cullen Bressack informed me on his upcoming project, which will be shot in a very interesting location.

Benetone Films and Hillin Entertainment tap whiz kid Writer/Director James Cullen Bressak to write and direct  a fully financed Horror film to be shot in Thailand in January of 2013. The project will be produced by Rachvin Narula, Kulthep Narula and Daemon Hillin. Both Benetone and Hillin are coming off of A Stranger In Paradise which also shot in Thailand and starred Colin Egglesfield, (Oscar Nominated) Catalina Sandino Moreno, Byron Mann and Stuart Townsend. The new horror project is closely under raps but will provide horror fans a frightful good time.

There's no stopping James. After working on Treasure Chest of Horrors and Theatre of the Deranged (reviews are on their way) this will be the next big step. Be sure to keep an eye out for his amazing work and don't forget to check out his first full feature debute: My Pure Joy


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