donderdag 31 mei 2012

Rojo Sangre (2004)

Rojo Sangre is a Spanish full feature debute by Christian Molina. These kind of debutes are perfect measurements to see if there's any talent hidden inside the director. Writer and leading man Paul Naschy came up with a brilliantly confusing and quite frankly almost fantasy/dream-like storyline based around an actor who has nothing going for him. 

Veteran actor Pablo Thevenet has no luck: His daughter has been murdered, his wife has left him, he finds no job, his agent wants to leave him and directors will never give him a role. He hates current talentless stars on TV talk shows. Suddenly, he is hooked up for a job as a living sculpture in a whore house working for Mr. Reficul and his transsexual assistant Dora Grizzel. In the end. Pablo becomes an artistic murderer, searching for those he thinks responsible of his current state. 

It's a great mish mash of extravagant characters and wildely over the top character development. The film can be very subtle and at the same time it will randomly burst into something rather unsubtle. It's definitely an unpredictable storyline and above it all: an unpredictable leading role. There's something about the vibe that will draw your attention from the first to the very last minute. It really is something you can't accurately describe, but you'll find it amusing and disturbing at the same time... once you get into it.

The very first scene definitely sets the tone for what's yet to come. A pretty messed up conversation about shoving toy cars up your rectum isn't quite what I was expecting. It's a clear indication that this film is served with a dark sense of humor. It's one of the many qualities. Christian Molina dares to take risks storywise, as well as visually. He has some cool tricks up his sleeves. His scene transitions are amazingly creative.

Rojo Sangre is not really a slasher, nor is it anything else in particular. It's a surprisingly well made mixture of genres with great performances (Paul Naschy really knows how to put on a show) and the many twists will keep you guessing throughout the entire film. A must see!

Score: 85/100


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