vrijdag 29 april 2011

Short film = Short review: Treevenge

My first review for eigenwereld.nl was for Hobo with a Shotgun. One of the greatest splatter flicks of all time. Yes, of all time!! It's amazing. And not only because Rutger Hauer plays a fantastic role or because the gore is outstanding in a very original and tasteless way. It's because of Eisener's talent. You can really sense the feeling he has for this type of cinema. An obvious fan, and talented enough to use many influences without ever being close to a rip off of anything. 

But it seems that 'Hobo' isn't the only briljant work he has pooped out. 'Treevenge' takes place in the happiest of days, the most wonderful time of the year. Chanoeka? Nuuuuu, it's Christmas!! There have been plenty of unholy movie rampages that went down on Christmas so it takes a lot to suprise the audience. This time, it isn't a killer santa, neither is it a snowman with a taste of blood. Treevenge decides to kick it up a notch.
It starts off with the best music evarrr: the Cannibal Holocaust theme. He made a simular move with Hobo so that's a cool returning feature. Treevenge also contains the extreme over-acting right from the start with the loud rednecks, an extremely overdone american-family-christmas-fanatics (they excist), and screaming trees. YES! SCREAMING TREES. And if that isn't cool enough, he makes the trees go on a bloody rampage. It makes for a great bunch of crazy karakters and an unlikely evil force.

So, let's talk about the killing. It's amazing. Simply amazing.. Treevenge has some of the coolest kills possible with....a tree. I absolutely love the eye-to-mouth scene, which is awfuly cheap yet one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a while. Hobo was really brutal at some points (school bus scene) but he did something way more edgy with this short. You'll play back twice during the giant killing spree (at the end) just to make that what you saw really was what you thought it was... The result is funny as hell and gory as fuck. What else could you wish for?
Jason Eisener should not only be known for his Hobo with a Shotgun because Treevenge is nothing less than briljant. With great (recognizable) cinematografy and an awesome soundtrack, it makes up for a superb little project. Seriously, it only lasts for 15 minutes so why shouldn't you watch it right away? Being at your work doesn't count as an excuse, ever. Your boss should fire you for having such a lack of interest in one of the greatest shorts ever to be mad!

Score: 90/100


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Mooie recensie en fijn dat je hem ook zo waardeert.

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