vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Top 6 animals/monsters that make you look like a fool when they kill you.

What do we have here? Cujo...hmm, that's some scary stuff. Mad looking puppy...not so much. There are plenty of ways to die where you don't have to feel ashamed that it actually happened. You know, by a shark or a giant toxic snake. You can't help it, they are just way better than we humans are! But over the years we've seen some weird animals that have been turned into killing machines. Here are six movie animals/monsters you don't want to be killed by, trust me!

#6 Black Sheep
I want to cuddle with sheep, don't you? Well frankly, i don't care if anyone else does. I think they're hot as hell, friendly and soft. They're just not that...scary...right? It's not a cool story to tell your grandkids about, simply because killer sheep aren't really that badass. They're fun though, and Black Sheep is a fun movie... but wouldn't you rather die from a...uhm... sharktopus? 

#5 Shakma
Ok, i have to admit that i don't really like baboons. They have oddly shaped faces, hemroid buttholes and they make annoying sounds. That kinda makes them freightening. Still, i don't think it's badass to die because of their superhuman powers! Mainly because i think they taunt you afterwards, wouldn't you tea bag your victim if you looked that repulsive? You know you would...

#4 The Boneyard
It's just this one scene. And in this scene there's a giant poodle, yes a frigging poodle, that's thirsty for blood. Fair enough, it does kinda look like a werewolf but it still is....a giant POODLE. Even the lady in the movie laughs at it, now that's what i call badass.

#3 Reptisaurus
It seems like there's nothing wrong with being killed by a giant reptile, yet this movie proves that there's definetly an exception. Who in their right mind, would want to be killed by a poorly animated animal? Bad actors, that's who! But i don't, no way i'll go down against modern day cgi fails, nevarrrr. We deserve better.

#2 Night of the hell hamsters
Title says it all. 

#1 Werewolf
I know what you're thinking, but let me explain. There was a time where eveyone was scared shitless because of these hairy anti-human machines, but those days are over. Why? Two words: TAYLOR LAUTNER. That's right, his appearance in twilight made Werewolves look silly. Who remembers the ending of 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'? I do, it had something to do with man-loving werewolves. Enough said.


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