maandag 20 juni 2011

Bloodlust Zombies (2011)

Oh yeah! Bloodlust Zombies starring Alexis Texas with an axe. Thinking about this combination just instantly makes my day. I haven't been reading too many positive feedback on this one but I always keep my hopes up. And it payed of...again! Will this axeweilding pornstar offer a slice of fun, or will she chop wood...eternaly

First off, I like the simple plot. It's just a normal day at work when all of a sudden: oh my god a chemical spill!! The entire building has to be locked down for security reasons and the virus begins to spead among the people that are trapped inside. Zombies, b-actors, a pornstar....all in one building. That's a recepy for succes. But you still have to know how to cook to turn a good recepy into a good meal.
In the end it's more of a snack than a real meal. If that makes any sense... I could state the obvious like the poor quality of just about everything on screen (except for Alexis Texas' looks) but the experienced viewer will know exactly where to find the fun. You might have to dig a little, but it's definitely there. Watching Alexis go at it with an axe or listening to a bunch of funny written bulls taking a shit... that's gotta be worth your time.

It's not a giant gorefest nor is it laugh out loud funny. There's nothing challenging about this straight forward zombie flick, but to my suprise it knows how to keep your attention fairly well. Not only due to Alexis (well, mainly..) but also because of the fun vibe in general. There are some pretty neat effects and the acting is in place. I guess it's what you could expect, but not what you might've hoped for.
I really thought it would do at least a few things a little out of the ordinary, but instead it's a simple yet entertaining flick with some rewarding nudity and a cool stand-off at the end. I guess you should check it out if you're really into the cheap zombie movies but don't expect anything too big or suprising.

Score: 70/100


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