zondag 12 juni 2011

Little Deaths (2010)

Three clever little stories, only a thematic similarity. Recieved some positive feedback in general and the poster sure caught my attention. Does this pile of possibly brutal graphic and sexy shorts have what it takes to be remembered, or does it get lost in the storm?

So, three different stories written and directed by three different directors....and to be honest, i only knew one of them. The first story is named House and Home by Sean Hogan. The second story is Mutant Tool by Andrew Parkinson. The third story has the well-fitting name Bitch and is directed by Simon Rumley which was the only one i knew because of his ''The Living and the Dead'' (2006).
House and Home
 Let's just stick with the logical order and start with House and Home. A story about a young couple pretending to be religious 'gooders' so they can lure homeless girls into their home for some perverted sexual games. Sounds good, right? But is their latest victim as defenceless as they thought she was? Enough ideas to go around yet it has this boring and pale look that didn't attrack me at all. Also, the fact that the twist doesn't live up to its potential makes it a lot worse.
Mutant Tool
Next up is Mutant Tool. A story about a former prostitute who's recovering from her drug addiction. She's definitely trying to better her life but what she doesn't know is that her therapeutist leads a double life. And his other side is a pretty dark one, i can assure you that. It has some amazing shots of a caged man whom they use to extract a new sort of drug. Don't ask me the ins and outs because it was rather confusing. I thought it was a satisfying short. Not too impressive but with a nice atmosphere and a cool ending.
The last one is Bitch and is by far the best short. We meet Claire and Pete and they're not your typical couple. The lovers have a strange obsession with roleplaying for their sexual needs. It's beyond roleplaying actually, it's mostly stone cold humiliation. Claire is the bitch in the story by making Pete her...bitch. It's disturbing, it has a great look (awesome vibe with the warm colors) and it has an uneasy feeling that really gets to you. And again: the ending is great!

They all share a great ending (even though House and Home didn't fully live up to my expectations on that part) and they all share the same sexual vibe that eventually leads to death. It's not as edgy as it might sound and that's where my problem kicks in. It's also not balanced enough to impress me, H&H would get a mere 50/100 while 'Bitch' would score a well deserved 75/100. The gab is immense and that's a shame. Might be worth your time, i'm not too sure. Could go either way to be honest, check out the trailer though!

Score: 60/100


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