zondag 12 juni 2011

Roadkill (2011)

I bought this title only three days ago and I've already seen it. For some reason I couldn't wait, it's a Syfy snack and i haven't had one since 'Swamp Shark', which was really good. For me personally it's hard to resist a cheap microwave meal like this. I'd choose it over a luxorious meal any day, actually.

I'd rather watch a poorly animated...'Simuroc' than the latest Fincher, or something like that. I don't mind if it's a giant piranha or a mutated shark, as long as they kill people and look shitty while doing so. And cool; Roadkill does just that! It has teens in a camper, a giant 'myth' flying around and crazy town folks. I'm drooling already.
A group of friends is driving across Ireland where they get themselves in some deep shit. They run over a crazy gipsy woman who casts a curse on all of them. Bladiebla etc etc... they buy (or rather 'steal') a necklace which later on turns out to be of great value. Now: the curse has made them prey to this mythical monster named 'Simuroc' and the town folks are after the necklace. That's some..... bullshit right there.

And i liked every second of it. Not saying it's genuisly written and performed, but its fairly decent in the end. I do have a problem with the 'friends' though and that's not even an issue that only 'Roadkill' has to deal with, but horror movies in general. Personally, i don't ever argue with friends. Maybe when i was 10, but surely not at this age. But these kids always seem to so so. I blame the writting, as the cast itself has enough potential. They do a good job, some of them are just there to look pretty while others get all Christopher-Nolan-Serious up in there. 
Eliza Bennett (Hailey) and Kacey Barnfield (Kate) are the ones looking pretty. I also liked the part played by Ned Dennehy. There's only one interesting crazy person (their attempt to add a female associate doesn't work out that well) and Ned delivers that with great style. In the end it's not something you'll watch this film for, but it never hurts to have some nice performances.

The effects are of course pretty much terrible. It's not 'Birdemic'-like nor is it a James Cameron production. It's exactly the same like every other Syfy film, so why even bother going there? You know exactly what you can expect, and that's just fine. My meal doesn't have to look good, as long as it tastes nice. There's some nice gore (especially the first kill) and there's plenty of action to keep you going.
There's nothing to throw infinite dirt at, really. It's on the same line as 'Swamp Shark', simple and entertaining. I will not, and i repeat NOT, be shouting this from the rooftops. What I will do though, is watch another Syfy film and enjoy every minute of it. And you'll see that on here.... somewhere in the future!

Score: 74/100


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